The thing about Jennifer Lopez is from another world, The singer and actress is in top shape at 53 years old and is the representation of “making a pact with the devil”. With each passing year, she is better, the diva from the Bronx is also a diva from the gym, and we all know that. JLo takes care of herself, to the point of going to dance classes at night. The actress leads a very healthy lifestyle, she doesn’t drink alcohol, she doesn’t drink coffee, she eats a lot of protein… But she always finds time to eat some whim, and that’s what Ben Affleck told on the Drew Barrymore show.

The actor is in full promotion of his latest film, ‘Air’, along with his longtime friend Matt Damon. The protagonist of ‘Batman’ told Drew Barrymore that his wife “can eat exactly what she wants”. From what her husband says, JLo eats “Pizza, cookies, ice cream. Everything.” Of course, then her training in the gym is absolutely impressive. But is Jennifer Lopez’s trick to look younger is to go to the gym? No, as Affleck says, “She works out, but so do I and I don’t magically look 20, you know what I mean?”

JLo’s trick to look 20 years younger

Again, Ben Affleck leaves us a declaration of love for his wife. The admiration that he feels for her towards her is clear, “her thing is supernatural”. The actor is clear about his wife’s key to success in all aspects of her life, from being the best on the dance floor, the one who creates the most impressive show or the one who, no matter how many years go by, for she don’t: discipline.

“You can’t take away the work ethic,” he continues. “The work ethic is real, the discipline is very real. She is the most beautiful woman in the world, and she looks spectacular,” the actor commented.

jennifer lopez trick young

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