Galas, awards ceremonies, celebrations of all kinds. The life of a designer is based on making the best of each one look for those iconic moments in life. And one of the most emblematic of Argentina is Benito Fernandez, who has a wide portfolio of clients and among them there is a very special figure: Maxima Zorreguieta.

It should be noted that the match between the creator and the queen of the Netherlands occurred in a curious way. “What world celebrity told you on the phone: ‘Benito, I’m at the door. What floor are you on?’” he asked. Pamela David in American breakfast. And he responded ironically that you have to dare to show up without a turn in his atelier.

Two of the designs by Benito Fernández that Máxima Zorreguieta wore.

After that small comedy step, the designer told how he managed to impress the wife of William of Orange: “The truth is that I almost died. I had worked for the wedding. Her parents could not go for political reasons to her and her brother’s wedding, Martin Zorreguieta, was the godfather. Well, I made the dress for the woman, mariana andresat that moment”.

“After the wedding and having dressed my sister-in-law, who was the godmother, and five friends, one day the phone rings and I ask: ‘Hi who is this?’. And he tells me: ‘I’m Máxima. What floor is it?’. I replied: ‘The second sixth’. And she rings the bell. Divine, the truth that divine. Divine”, complete.

Benito Fernández revealed if he charged Máxima Zorreguieta

“When I was here, yes, obviously. Later, when she was already queen and what do I know, no, because it’s like I send you something so that you can buy it for me later ”, was the answer that Fernández gave when asked if she charged Zorreguieta for the designs.

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