Benjamin Vicuna shared with his followers the cover of his debut as a writer, a tribute to Whitethe daughter he had with pampita and who died in September 2012.

“Here I present my book. I hope this story can serve and accompany many who look at the sky day and nightwith more questions than answers,” he wrote with his heart on his hand.

“Blanca, the girl who wanted to fly – 10 acts to ward off oblivion” will debut at the Book Fair by Editorial Planeta. It has a prologue by psychologist Gabriel Rolón.

“The presentation will be first in Chile, on May 2 and 3, and then We will do it on the 4th and 5th at the Buenos Aires Book Fair”, he revealed enthusiastically in dialogue with teleshow about your new project.

Over the years, Benjamin discovered in writing a process that accompanied him through grief White’s death. Through poetry and sometimes prose, the memory always remains indelible through words.

The book was born from the need to be able to go through a process that has lasted for 10 years. To be able to share it, to be able to live it with many people who have accompanied me. It’s something very nice”highlighted the Chilean actor.

Regarding the objective that he proposed, he was accurate: “I hope it helps other parents who are going through the same thing.”

Pampita’s word: “She has my absolute support”

Pampita did not hesitate to go out and bank the project of Blanca’s father. “I very much respect that he has decided to take that step and if it does him good and he finds it necessary, it seems barbaric to me. I have been very aware of all that work and I will be very proud of that when it is finished. It’s very important to him,” he said in a dialogue with the Chilean magazine velvet. Furthermore, he confirmed that he had the privilege to read beforehand.

Regarding whether she would do something similar to remember her daughter, she assured that “quite the opposite”, because she prefers to keep certain pains for her privacy. “I respect myself a lot in that sense and also I understand when there is another person who needs to express their pain, share it. Today everyone lives their things in a personal way and you have to be very careful with that, “he explained about his feelings in these years of mourning.

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