Throughout the pages of Blanca, the girl who wanted to fly (Planet Publishing), it is made clear that Benjamin Vicuna he had the need to put into words the tragedy he experienced as a result of the death of the six-year-old daughter he had with Pampita. They talk about different topics, but one that drew attention is a detail about the girl’s medical condition.

“It was only two years after Blanca’s death that I was able to meet with the doctor who treated her so he could tell me what had happened, because the truth was that I didn’t understand shit. At the time, she hadn’t understood because of the shock. But then you start to make certain assumptions, I guess out of denial or anger, and you think that something was not done right, that someone was responsible, although in this case there was no malpractice or anything. It was what had to happen, nothing more”, wrote the Chilean actor.

“The mourning process for the death of my father is very different. One faces the void and it hurts, because one is never one hundred percent prepared, but he was an 80-year-old man, there was a natural order. A curve that follows the cycles of life, autumn and spring, sunrise and sunset”, He followed by getting into the other drama that he had to face in his life.

And I add: “My dad had already done everything he needed to do. A month before he died, he called me for no particular reason and said, ‘I want to tell you that I was very happy. I got married three times, I lived love, I traveled. These last twenty years I was very woman. I only received likes. happy with me. On the other hand, what happened with Blanca is what didn’t happen, what wasn’t. That’s why she hit me so hard on the day she would have to turn 15.”

The heartbreaking story of Benjamín Vicuña about the day of his daughter Blanca’s funeral

“I had to dress my daughter for her funeral.” The phrase shocks, gives goosebumps. The pain in the flesh of Benjamin Vicuna about the death of his daughter in the book Blanca, the girl who wanted to fly. There she gave details of the day on which she had to lead the preparations for the sad farewell, in the midst of a truly shocking scene.

“I say it was my turn, because it was a friend of Carolina’s who called me and said: ‘Benjamín, I need you to come dress Blanca.’ What he was asking of me seemed terrifying, a true nightmare, and my first reaction was to refuse: ‘I am not going to do that. I wanted to keep the image of my daughter running, on a slide, on top of the bed, jumping, singing, but Carolina’s friend repeated to me without leaving me any margin, ‘You’re coming,’ ”she recounted.

This is one of the most impressive chapters of these “ten acts to conjure oblivion” where he tells that he had to take courage to do that last action. “At that moment I realized that Blanca was no longer there. Seeing the body, fulfilling certain rites, is something necessary to be able to say goodbye, or start to say goodbye. That is why the issue of the disappeared detainees moves me so much”, story.

Benjamín Vicuña revealed an impressive phrase that his daughter Blanca said before she died

Vicuña shared that on her last trip to Mexico, Blanca explained that she wanted to fly. That is why the actor believes that this phrase was an announcement of what was to come: “Blanca met Tahiti. France, Morocco. England. Holland. United States, among many other countries. The last trip was to Mexico. There is a video of those days that I uploaded to Instagram in which she says: “Wanna fly“said the actor.

“After what happened, one resignifies the events, and now I think he was telling me to my face that he wanted to fly. That it was an announcement,” Vicuña had assured regarding the experience she had with her daughter days before she was due to leave.

“Carolina woke up every night desperately asking where her Blanquita was. She would get out of bed, walk down the hall and go to her room. He was searching for her like a desperate lioness. I could only hug her, contain her and answer: ‘our girl is fine. she is
in a better place’, he recounted in his book, the interpreter”, he completed.

The book is a tribute to his daughter and to all the people who have gone through the loss of a loved one. The actor hopes that his story can bring comfort and hope to those who are going through a difficult time in their lives.

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