In this article, we will see the Best business Incubation centers to work in Islamabad

In the past several years, Pakistan’s IT sector has experienced some of the most astonishing growth, promising opportunities for many new businesses and startups.

In order to build a name for themselves, young businesses are increasingly working with incubators and accelerators. This trend of entrepreneurship has grown significantly, as has been seen.

We have gathered a list of the top incubators and accelerators in Pakistan’s public and commercial sectors that promote companies by offering seed money, knowledgeable mentoring, and training to change the world.

There has been a recent rise in the number of businesspeople visiting Islamabad in order to grow their operations into a successful enterprises. Due to its strategic location, the city is also becoming more and more important as one of the top locations for commercial software development. Although the beginning and running of a business can be difficult, an incubator has been established to help local newcomers with startup advice, recommendations, and more. The top best business incubators in Islamabad are listed below.

Here is a list of incubators and accelerators in the capital city of Islamabad that can assist budding entrepreneurs in realizing their goals:

List of Best Business Incubation Centers to Work in Islamabad

Best Business Incubation Centers to Work in Islamabad
Best Business Incubation Centers to Work in Islamabad

1. TiE Islamabad Chapter 

Since its founding in 2006, the TiE Islamabad Chapter Incubation Center has offered services for startup acceleration and incubation. The goal of incubation is to give entrepreneurs a space where they may test their concepts and company plans with the least amount of risk and expense possible. Over 60 firms have been accelerated and fostered by the Islamabad Chapter since it was founded, and many startups have gone on to become prosperous companies. Impactful industries including healthcare, education, energy, and agriculture are a priority for the Chapter. The Islamabad Chapter offers businesses mentorship, access to a network of specialists, and office space in addition to financial help.

2. Invest2Innovate

Launched in September 2011, Invest2Innovate’s primary goal is to close Pakistan’s financial and capacity development gap for social enterprises at the seed stage. It is also one of the Best Business Incubation Centers to Work in Islamabad.

i2i discovers high potential early-stage businesses with novel methods and then offers four months of training in business development and market analysis, as well as access to advisory help and seed investment in the US$50,000–$200,000 range. I2i has helped 21 Pakistani entrepreneurs get off the ground since 2012, and they have since raised over $1 million in funding, created 850 jobs, improved businesses, and had a positive social and economic impact on the nation.

3. The Founder Institute

having founded 1,800 startups in more than 65 countries, it is the biggest startup accelerator in the world. The Founder Institute can assist you in launching your ideal business in only 3.5 months if you’re seeking for a technology incubation facility. Their comprehensive curriculum provides you with the foundation, mentors, and global network of peers needed to start a successful business.

Events, workshops, and programs pertaining to the growth of startups are organized by the Founder Institute – Business Incubation Center. The goal is to foster an entrepreneurial culture and provide a setting where creative individuals may connect, work together, and advance. The Founder Institute provides a range of services, including access to a worldwide network of entrepreneurs, equity-free initial investment, business plan writing, professional mentoring sessions, and training materials on how to launch a firm.

4. Serendipity

Serendipity is a technology accelerator with offices in Islamabad that assists Pakistani companies with funding, networking opportunities, and consulting services.

Serendipity. Pk maintains a keen interest in skilled companies that are just starting out so that they may use rapid modeling techniques to speed their growth.

Location: Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, 503 ISE Towers, Islamabad.

5. TIC – NUST Islamabad

The TIC-NUST-Incubation Center in Islamabad has consistently welcomed new, inventive start-ups. It provides a straightforward entry point for the commercialization of products from R&D. Entrepreneurs can engage with a variety of business mentors, incubation specialists, and successful businesspeople at the center. They make recommendations and aid in the formulation of business models. The atmosphere at TIC is quite professional, which promotes the growth of a working mindset.

The primary goal of TIC is to build a setting that supports the expansion and development of new firms. From the very beginning of the ideation process through the final launch of the product or service on the market, the knowledgeable staff at TIC offers new businesses all the assistance they want. Additionally, they have a strong network of connections that may assist businesses to launch their goods and services.

6. Jazz’s National Incubation Center

The government’s National ICT R&D Fund and the private sector Jazz&Teamup together built the first incubator, the National Incubation Center (NIC).

The inauguration of Jazz’s NIC occurred in July 2016. With access to top-notch incubation facilities, international investors, and local and regional innovators, the program also coordinates between them.

Recently, Mobilink and TeamUp inked an agreement with the LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship (LCE) to assist and mentor entrepreneurs and innovators.

Location: Plot 24-B, First Floor, National Incubation Center, NITB, H-9/1, Islamabad.

7. Cloud9 Startups

NUST Hub for Innovation & Entrepreneurship’s Cloud9 Startups is a center for technology-based incubation. It began operating in December 2012.

For Pakistan’s prospective business owners, Cloud9 serves as both a venture fund and an idea incubation facility. The business offers initial capital of up to Rs. 1 million as well as mentorship to companies from the time they are founded until they begin to operate.

Location: Office #104, NUST’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship


A premier incubation facility of the highest caliber has been constructed in Islamabad, Pakistan: the BIC-COMSATS Incubation Centre (CIC). The Business Incubation Center (BIC), COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), and the Government of Pakistan collaborated on the project. The CIC offers a favorable setting for encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation, and the commercialization of technology. For creative start-up businesses, the CIC provides cutting-edge infrastructure facilities, business support services, and access to finance.

9. Telenor Velocity

For the past four years, the Telenor Velocity Incubation Center in Islamabad has fostered and grown start-ups. It is a collaborative setting where company owners may test out new concepts, obtain input from their peers, and access resources to support the expansion of their operations. Over 50 start-ups that the incubation center assisted in launching have since gone on to provide income and jobs.

It is a fantastic starting point for businesses. They have access to resources and assistance at the center, which can aid in the expansion of their company. Over 50 successful firms have been launched with the assistance of the incubator over the period of four years. These companies have boosted the local economy by producing employment and income.

10. ICT R&D Fund

A top-notch facility, the ICT R&D Fund – Technology Incubation Center offers start-ups and small enterprises cutting-edge infrastructure and services. The facility has the most recent technology and equipment, which enables companies to test their goods and services, verify their business models, and scale up their operations. The incubator facility also provides mentoring and training programs to aid firms in expanding their enterprises. It is also considered as one of the Best Business Incubation Centers to Work in Islamabad.

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There is an increasing need for company incubation centers due to Pakistan’s burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit. It can be difficult to know where to begin, whether you are just starting out or have been working on your company concept for some time. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the best 10 business incubators in Islamabad to help you get started as quickly and successfully as possible. I hope this list will help you choose the best incubator to support your business aspirations. This is all about Best Business Incubation Centers to Work in Islamabad.