In this article, we will see the Best Traditional Sweets Dishes and Desserts of Pakistan

Due to Pakistanis’ penchant for sweets, we probably require desserts every day and every night. We still feel hungry even after consuming a large number of savory items without a dessert. For something sweet to consume after a meal, people would go above and beyond. In Pakistan, desserts are a must. The word for sweet is “mithai.”

Sweets are another feature of Pakistani celebrations like Eid, weddings, dinner parties, or miles. Every location has its own distinct flavors and sweet foods. However, only a select handful have gained popularity across the nation. Many people make them at home, but they are also sold in bakeries and sweet stores around the nation.

Regardless matter where in the world you are reading this, you have to admit that adding the odd sweet dish to the diet makes life a bit more alluring. The flavor experience provided by Pakistani delicacies would make you feel more special. Desserts and sweets are regarded as an imperative requirement in Pakistan, from the coastline along the Arabian Sea to the Wakhan corridor in the northwest. Pakistani sweets can be served hot or cold, and the only guarantee is that a bit too much will result in a dental appointment.

The presence of these treats is always expected, regardless of the occasion. The following is a list of the Best Traditional Sweets Dishes and Desserts in Pakistan.

List of Best Traditional Sweets Dishes and Desserts of Pakistan 

Best Traditional Sweets Dishes and Desserts of Pakistan
Best Traditional Sweets Dishes and Desserts of Pakistan

1. Ras Malai 

To start, milk is curdled by adding lemon juice or a few drops of vinegar. The milk is further filtered, the sediments are collected, and after cooling, the dough is created. Finally, they are formed into little balls and dipped in Malai cream. The main component of this dairy treat is a little, silky cake composed of handcrafted cream balls produced with milk and khoya floating in sweetened condensed milk, topped with tiny pistachios. Rasmalai is a lavish dessert that is usually presented at weddings and consumed on special occasions. It is one of the Best Traditional Sweets Dishes and Desserts in Pakistan

2. Shahi Tukray 

Shahi Tukray’s past is a little murky. The Middle East, Egypt, and the classic English bread pudding from the 16th century have all been up as possible origins. The major goal of the dish, though, was to utilize the remaining bread. In case you want to delve more deeply into the specifics, this article has you covered.
In this silky dish, warm sweet milk is mixed with cardamom and saffron before being poured over bread. Because it is so unique, it is offered during celebrations like Eid and Ramadan.

3. Bread Pudding

People from all walks of life coexist peacefully in Pakistan, a nation rich in diversity. This implies that a variety of foods, some of which are tasty, may be found here. One such meal is bread pudding, one of Pakistan’s top 10 sweet delicacies that you shouldn’t miss. This scrumptious bread pudding is made using bread. Simply dunk the break into milk flavored with saffron, sugar, and cardamom.


In South Asian nations, particularly India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, suji ka halwa is a common sweet dessert. It is often served hot for breakfast and is usually eaten with puris. It has a lot of calories and could also be a source of extra sugar intake, yet none of these prevents Pakistanis from limiting their consumption because it is so tasty.
Make the sweetest breakfast you’ve ever had by following this recipe. It is also one of the Best Traditional Sweets Dishes and Desserts in Pakistan.


Since then, this sweet dish has gained popularity and is typically offered as a Sehri meal during Ramadan. Vermicelli is its English name, while Sewaiyan is how it is known on the Subcontinent. It is a sort of pasta that is related to spaghetti but is a thinner variation of that noodle. Seviyan is a mouthwatering sweet dish that is prepared by stir-frying vermicelli in clarified butter with sugar and dried fruits. It is also offered during special occasions and get-togethers. To sate your sweet tooth, use this recipe.

6. Gulab Jamun

Another wonderful food that might cause diabetes is gulab jamun. You may choose to have it cold, hot, or room temperature, depending on your tastes. A delicious saffron and khoa (milk thickened by boiling or drying whole milk) combination is what you can anticipate from the Indian subcontinent. It is known as the national dessert of Pakistan. Best Traditional Sweets Dishes and Desserts of Pakistan Although they resemble doughnuts in appearance, gulab jamun is round, spongy, and deep-fried after being covered with fragrant syrup.


A sweet delicacy called rice pudding is indigenous to South Asian countries including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Sagudana, rice, milk, saffron, and almonds and cashew nuts are used in its preparation. Without Kheer, there can be no celebration in Pakistan, particularly in some parts of Central Punjab. It is a healthy treat that tastes best when it is chilled. Use this recipe to prepare this delectable dish like a pro.

8. Lab e Shireen

Essentially, lab e Shireen is a custard prepared with jellies and fruit pieces. a delicious dish with a recently discovered method.

Milk, maize flour, variously colored jellies, fruit cocktail, and colorful noodles are used in its preparation. Almonds and other nuts are incorporated as extras for flavor and scent. Lab e Shireen is now a popular party dish, and it is frequently offered as a sweet dish following a feast during weddings and other similar occasions.

9. Jalebi

Jalebi may have lost the title of Pakistan’s national dessert, but it is still unquestionably the tastiest sweet food that all Pakistanis like. It is a sweet treat that is crunchy, sweet, calming, and very addicting. When you sink your teeth into a delicious Jalebi, the texture is firm on the outside and soft and sticky within. This dessert can be enjoyed warm or cold. People in Pakistan typically enjoy Ramadan after breaking their fast since it helps them control their blood sugar levels.

10. Rabri Doodh

Rabri is a classic dessert created with layers of cream and sweetened milk. On low heat, the milk is steadily cooked until it turns a light yellow tint. To enhance the flavor, additional spices like saffron, cardamom, and nuts are sprinkled on top.

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Given that Pakistan is one of the hottest nations in the world, it is reasonable to assume that its sweets are also very popular. You should taste all the desserts and sweets offered here since, whether they are from people in Punjab or Karachi, they clearly have a keen eye for the greatest candies.

Considering how high in sugar and fat they are, you shouldn’t overindulge. But if you do feel the want to indulge in something genuinely sweet and delicious, choose one of the Best Traditional Sweets Dishes and Desserts of Pakistan.