Juana Viale (41) is known for her strong commitment to caring for the environment. Since 2012, accompanies the Banco de Bosquesa foundation – promoted by Emiliano Ezcurra– that detects all those green spaces that are about to be sold and, with the help of donations, buys them before they are delivered for clearing. Once they get them, transform them into protected areas.

“We are among the ten countries that cleared the most. 70 percent of the Argentine territory lost its native soils and only thirty has been preserved. We barely have three percent of forests,” she remarked in the cover story of PEOPLE May 2021, an edition entitled “Honor the Earth”.

It is that the commitment is something urgent: in Argentina “one hectare is destroyed every two minutes, which equivalent to between 20 soccer fields per hour“. Therefore, one day after April 22, the date on which the Earth day to pay tribute to the planet, we revisit the most outstanding sayings of the actress to highlight the importance of caring for and preserving nature.

“The word ‘earth’ refers me to the essence, to the beginning of life, of being, of the species; to the beginning of the beginning. Much broader than the globe, than the Earth, with a capital letter”, defined Juana, who starred on the cover of PEOPLE for May 2021 to raise awareness of the urgent need to preserve nature.

Juana Viale, fused with nature: the incredible cover video in which she honored the earth

Here, some fragments of the back of the cover photo shoot that Juana did surrounded by nature and with bare feet, as she likes.

“Nature is wise. That is why the acts against her, of inhumanity, hurt me: from the felling of trees, to the furtive and non-furtive killing… I can’t detach myself from life, from natureI can’t,” he repeats. Both when I see a tree being felled, an animal killed or waste thrown into the water. “If they go to the river!, to the sea!!, if they follow a cycle!!!” I can not understand it”. This is how the driver shared with indignation.

The day Juana Viale helped save a Chaco forest

Juana Viale and Emiliano Ezcurra they met in 2012 when, in despair, the founder of Banco de Bosques contacted her to ask for her help to save a forest in Chaco which, as the activist explained to PEOPLE“was five times bigger than the Federal Capital”.

“I suggested going in April, a time when the local summer, with peaks above 50 degrees in the shade, calms down a bit. ‘No, if it’s urgent we travel now’, launched with his usual attitude. His presence generated a very important impact that strengthened the campaign,” recalled Ezcurra.

“The day that the water, the air and the earth collapse to nature, we will be facing the perfect storm. They are four such small words, but at the same time so great,” reflected Juana Viale

“Some lament and cry. Juana does and saves”

Emiliano Ezcurra, founder of Banco de Bosques

Although the Forest Law -sanctioned in 2007- seeks to protect these spaces, its implementation is becoming more complex every day. “Deforestation represents the main reason for the loss of biodiversity and extinction of species on the planet, in addition to becoming one of the central causes of climate change. A painful and painful madness,” stressed the actress.

Caring for the environment at home: Juana Viale has her own garden and separates waste

Juana Viale leads a life in line with his speech: separates waste, has its own garden and promotes projects environmental. “I try to develop in harmony with my natural and social environment. There is always something to learn. For example, I divide the waste. It’s fun, At home there are several large garbage cans of different colors: for cardboard, for plastic and for glass“, he explained.

In the same way, the driver said that harvest much of the food you eat. “In my garden I grow vegetables such as coriander, parsley, pumpkin, fennel, radish, eggplant and potatoes. The ‘nature at your table’ thing is wonderful to me. I have not yet managed to make a meal without counting something purchased because there are many of us and my space does not give me, but hopefully sometime I can, “he acknowledged.

As a society, at the environmental level, according to Juana Viale “we are somewhat asleep.” In addition to raising her voice, she demanded “the participation of the State so that protection standards are met.”

“When the world ‘was suspended’ for a while and the human species stopped circulating, the animals again interrelated -without our intervention- with their habitat”

Juana Viale

Asked about the way in which Mirtha Legrand, her grandmother, lives with the environment, the actress did not hesitate. “Her generation of hers is not very aware of the subject. Just as I tell my friends to know this or that, I also mention it to her. She knows who I am and respects it. What yes, the Chiqui Legrand in the open air… never“, he said between laughs.

Juana Viale explains that “we are taking the Earth through a moment of crisis that forces it to depend more and more on us.”

The importance of taking measures: “If nature is not cared for, if it is not preserved, it will become extinct”

Every day there is talk of the need to raise awareness in society about caring for the environment, but for viale action is necessary. “I would like to insist that we must become aware, but we must be careful when using that word too much, so that it does not remain just a word. Because if nature is not taken care of, if it is not preserved, it becomes extinct,” he emphasized.

Finally, he insisted: “Our history has species, glaciers, forests, lakes that disappeared. Instead of becoming aware, we better take action“.

“I believe in Pachamama, in natural force. I don’t know if there is a real awareness of the power that Mother Earth has,” reflects Juana Viale.

Why is April 22 celebrated as Earth Day?

Every April 22 is celebrated Earth day to pay homage to the planet. The date was imposed in 1972 by gaylord nelson -a renowned American activist- with the aim of raising awareness among the population about the importance of caring for the environment.

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