Dante Spinetta appeared at the prestigious Opera Theater to offer an unforgettable show as part of the presentation of “Sweet table”, his latest and multi-award-winning recording work. With several first-class guests: from Thunder to ca7rielthe big surprise of the night was his daughter Life and the memory of Patricia Salazarwho passed away in 2021. Also, the musician confirmed that he will perform a Teatro Gran Rex at the end of the year.

From the moment Dante Spinetta took the stage, a unique energy engulfed the audience. The atmosphere was charged with emotion and the funk leader could not hide his joy. Thank you Buenos Aires. I love you brother“, were his first words, as he began his show with Rebellion, The Dark Side of the Heart and we will crossamong other.

Dante Spinetta presented Sweet table at the Opera.

Then, the former Illya Kuryaki decided to surprise his eternal fans with the emblematic songs from the beginning of his solo career. “You know this started a long time ago… Those who know me from before are going to know this shit… It’s a record that I was recently able to upload to Spotify again,” he said before singing kisses and jewels and In mine.

Singing Sudakaalong with Thunder.

But without a doubt, the most emotional moment of the night came when Dante invited his daughter, Vida Spinetta, to join him on stage to fill in for the voice of Julieta Venegas. in the classic Forget it. The audience erupted in applause and whoops of excitement at seeing the talented young woman following in the footsteps of her outstanding family.

Another moment that was lived on the surface was when the artist dedicated a song to Patricia Salazar, his mother and great love of Luis Alberto Spinetta, who passed away in 2021. “This it’s the first time i play First love live and it makes me a little nervous because I wrote it to my mother. If you know it, sing it, because if we sing loudly, you can listen to it from heaven,” he said, very moved.

When remembering his mother, Patricia, at the Opera Theater.

Patricia Salazar was a key figure in the life of Dante and in the history of Argentine music. Luis Alberto has dedicated countless songs to him, among them, keep living without your Love. The tears and applause of the people were mixed in a sea of ​​mixed feelings.but always prevailing respect and affection towards this great woman.

Dante Spinetta before a packed theater.

The concert continued with a selection of more intimate and introspective themes, where Dante let his talent as a composer and his artistic sensibility flow. The audience, fully delivered, accompanied each song with applause, acknowledging the virtuosity and overflowing passion that the musician transmitted in each note.

Dante Spinetta paid homage to Illya Kuryaki and sang with Trueno at the Opera

The highlight of the night came with the closing of the show where Dante paid homage to Illya Kuryaki and The Valderramas, a duo he formed with Emmanuel Horvilleur in the 90s. Asó they performed “Jugo”, “Latin Geisha” and “Coolo”. At the end of the show, the ragpicker Trueno got on to sing his megahit together “Sudaka” and finish blowing up the stage on Corrientes street.

With a standing ovation, the Teatro Opera surrendered to the talent of Dante Spinetta and his family’s musical heritage. The legacy of Patricia Salazar and Luis Alberto Spinetta is kept alive in each chord, in each interpretation and in each word that the musician pronounces on stage. It was a magical night, full of emotions and memories, where music became the language that united generations and honored family love.

Photos: Aitor Fernandez

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