Santiago del Moro Not only did he make his debut and lead the 51st edition of the Martín Fierro Awards, he also experienced firsthand the emotion of being nominated for an important shortlist: Best Male Conductor, for his outstanding work in ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ and ‘Big Brother’.

But without a doubt, the great surprise of the night and the iconic moment occurred at the end of the evening, when after 1:20 in the morning, the long-awaited announcement was made. Martin Fierro de Oro.

And in a gala that was unforgettable for Del Moro and that will remain forever in his memory, the winners of the previous edition revealed that, on this occasion, the most important prize of the night went to ‘Big Brother’.

Marcos Ginocchio won the last edition of Big Brother

In total, the Telefe program won four Martín Fierro: Best Reality, Best Direction, Best Comprehensive Production and Best Male Host.

The entire team that made the famous reality show possible and that marked important audience peaks becoming the most watched on television, took the stage and celebrated with shouts and tears of emotion: participants, panelists, coaching staff and of course, the host .

Marcos Ginocchio assured that he was happy to participate in the Martín Fierro for the first time

Who won the Martín Fierro de Oro last year?

A year ago, similar emotions were experienced in the same place, but with other protagonists. On that occasion, it was ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, the Telefe gastronomic contest that prevailed over the other programs and won the Martín Fierro de Oro.

In addition, it won for best reality show and integral production. The great coincidence between that award and this year’s is that Santiago del Moro was included in both awards, since he was the host of the two cycles that were awarded as the most successful in Argentine programming.

looks like uno déjà vuand it is that, the driver who today was moved on several occasions, in 2022 he also gave euphoric thanks for a gold award. “Thanks from the first to the last of the compañeros and compañeras who made this gold. There are so many hours, so much smell of Milanese, so much passion, so much dedication and hard work. We are a family, thank you Boxfish”were his words at the time.

The times that ‘Big Brother’ was nominated at the Martín Fierro

While there is no doubt that the ‘Big Brother’ format was successful from its first editions in Argentina, and that it changed the lives of many of its participants who rose to fame after passing through the famous house.

It was not until now that the popular reality show was recognized as the best and most watched on open television. But this was not his only nomination at the Martín Fierro.

The award for Best Reality Show is one of those awarded annually at the important APTRA awards. In 2008, GH was nominated and also in 2016. However, on none of these occasions did he manage to win the award.

Until this year he achieved a total of four awards during the entire gala, including Best Conductor for Santiago del Moro.

The history of Santiago del Moro with the Martín Fierro

Although it was his first time conducting the important award ceremony, He had already been nominated on several occasions both on television and radio. And over the years, his trajectory in the was recognized and he has been awarded three times in the Martin Fierro: twice in 2016 and once in 2018.

In the year 2013, 2014 and 2015 Santiago del Moro was nominated for the Martin Fierro as ‘Best Male Host’ for his work on ‘Infama’, the program that made him popular from 2008 to 2014.

But, the award came years later, in 2016 and twice. By winning the shortlist of ‘Best Male Driving’ after his work in ‘Intratables’ and on the radio with ‘Mañanas Campestres’.

In 2017, he was nominated again, both on radio and television with ‘Intratables’ and ‘El Club del Moro’. But, his award could be raised in 2018, when he won the award for radio in the shortlist of ‘Best Daily FM General Interest Program’.

Santiago del Moro was the host of the last edition of Big Brother

How ‘Big Brother’ cemented him as the great leader of the people

After his undoubted success in 2020 with ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, Santiago del Moro returned to Telefe two years later and captivated Argentines from their homes with the hosting of ‘Big Brother 2022’.

Since the month of October, the famous strengthened his role as conductor night after night, not only accompanying the participants in isolation through the screen where they watched him in the living room of the famous house. Also, carrying with character, mystery and the surprise effect, this reality show that became the most watched on television last year with very high ratings.

At 45 years old, the driver consolidates his career in a big way, not only with the recognition of the ‘Martín Fierro’, but also of the viewers who ask for his return to the screens with the new edition of ‘Big Brother’ that could premiere at End of the year.

“It was over a year ago and it still makes me nervous. Andor I wanted to make a Big Brother from the driving and I promised it, to the production, to the people who are behind all this”, express.

He also acknowledged: “It’s a huge team, guys, there are thousands of people, and it’s all wonderful. I always wanted this, and it’s a very nice project and I promised it would be my way,” were the words of Santiago at that time, after confessing that he could not sleep when he received the news.

Santiago del Moro conducts the galas of Big Brother
Santiago del Moro will host the next edition of Big Brother

The love story of Santiago del Moro and María José Sánchez

In addition to showing his professional successes in networks, Santiago del Moro frequently boasts of his love for his family made up of his wife María José Sánchez and his three daughters, Catalina, Amanda and Santa, whom he assures have stolen his heart.

Santiago and María José met in their teens in Tres Algarrobos, a city in the province of Buenos Aires that is about 500 km from CABA and has about three thousand inhabitants. Since that crush 20 years ago nothing could separate them.

“She is the most honest person I know and her gaze is more than important to me because it is not easy for her to say ‘how cute’ or ‘how good’. She is strict and hard to persuade, which is why I know that everything she tells me will always be genuine. (…) Her look and her opinions are fundamental for me and for the decisions I make ”he said very much in love with his wife del Moro in an interview with La Nación.

Likewise, he confessed that he was seduced, that his partner has nothing to do with the media. “My wife never cared about fame and that helped me a lot.”held.

A year ago, Santiago and María José became the parents of their third daughter, for whom they decided to choose a very particular name: Santa. “At 10:007 our daughter Santa was born. She weighed 3 kilos. So beautiful and full of peace”, andMoro wrote proudly for the arrival of his little girl into the world.

Santiago del Moro and his wife

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