We get it. Everyone starts talking about a trend — like “blueberry milk” nails — and you’re like…wtf is that?! The cutesy name pretty much just means pastel blue that’s a bit more of a creamy color than we’ve seen in the past. But really, it’s just pastel blue. que es right? It’s everywhere. It’s showing up mostly in nails and eyeshadow looks and it’s looking eerily familiar.

Barbiecore is another major trend and that hot pink is everywhere, too. But pastel blue also feels like a Barbie color. It’s the anti-hot pink. It’s the alternative to when you’re feeling the Barbie movie fever but aren’t a bright pink person. The original 1950s Barbie even wore a pop of blue eyeshadow with her black-and-white playsuit.

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But regardless of where this creamy, light blue shade is coming from, we’re obsessed with it. Zendaya rocked the color at the recent Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/Summer 2024 show at Paris Fashion Week.

zendaya paris fashion week
Image: Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images.Getty.

Singer Sabrina Carpenter wore the shade on short nails while she was in Brazil.

And even Sofia Richie Grainge wrote the mani color early June.

To get the look at home, we asked LA-based manicurist Bana Jarjour for tips. “I like it because it’s flattering on everybody,” she says. “And it’s not as bright as neon but it’s a brighter pastel type of shade, instead of a pastel yellow, which is a bit more muted.” She explains how on fair skin the shade looks “very pastel,” but on “somebody with a darker skin tone. It picks up nice and bright.”

When it comes to DIYing the look, Jarjour says, “As long as you have a good pastel with the right undertone, then that’s all you need.” For this trend, you’ll want to keep away from any blues that are too warm or they’ll come off almost purple.

Baby blue eyeshadow is feeling fresh and cool these days, too. Don’t worry about looking like you time-traveled from the ’80s. Take inspo from the way Lizzo wears it with a black cat-eye and full brows to take it right into 2023.

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