At the Chongde Juying Martial Arts Sports Club, In the city of Qingdao, in China, a tragedy occurred a few days ago.A boy who had just signed up to receive martial arts classes at that club died after receiving multiple blows from his instructor.

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days before the event the boy’s parents had decided to enroll him for a year for him to receive these classes, without imagining that his son would lose his life.

The eight-year-old boy lost his life, after receiving multiple blows from the instructor, despite the fact that he informed her that he felt ill.

The minor’s parents learned of his death, upon receiving a video in which he was seen the boy bruised, pale and being beaten by the instructor, In addition, in the video a woman is heard telling the minor that if he collapsed from the blows, his mother would not pick him up.

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After fainting, the boy was taken to Third People’s Hospital, when he still had vital signs, however, after 20 minutes the minor died.

After the boy’s death was confirmed, the Qingdao public security bureau opened an investigation against the martial arts club, which had been launched a few weeks ago and The club’s owners and manager were arrested on charges of intentional damage resulting in death, according to local media.

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