Brenda Gandini (38) and Gonzalo Heredia (41) make up one of the most beloved couples in the artistic environment. Although they have gone through some crises throughout their relationship, their love is stronger than ever. In the last few hours, the actress played a fun game where she gave details of the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) facing the gallant and writer.

It was in Cut through Lozano (Telefe) that Brenda Gandini spoke of how methodical and strictly detailed Gonzalo Heredia is. “The most important OCD is with his books. You get to move a book covertly, you know where each title is. He has his order, in fact, I tell him that we order because the furniture is going to break, it no longer resists the weight, “he said and added: “You move them and he tells you: ‘no no, here they moved a book for me.’ She has an obsession”.

gonzalo heredia
Gonzalo Heredia and Brenda Gandini with their children, Alfonsina and Eloy.

On the other hand, he spoke about the possibility of working together again: “I say it in all the notes, I get along better with him working than at home. We get along really well, we work differently, we don’t have to deal with everyday life. At home you argue about everything.”

Brenda Gandini told how Gonzalo Heredia’s marriage proposal was

Brenda Gandini and Gonzalo Heredia They have been together for more than 11 years and have 2 children together. Some time ago, in dialogue with Jey Mammón, the actress said that the marriage proposal came on one of the first trips they made together.

Asked by the host when they decided to start dating, the actress said: “He was very single and eligible and he rowed it, because I always said that I was not going to date an actor“.

already in love with Gonzalo, gandini explained: “He was in a very bad mood when he proposed to me, because of his nerves. He was saying things to me and I was crying. Besides, he had played a song in the background that means a lot to us. He would never have imagined that to me ”.

The actors met many years ago, but decided to bet on love when they shared a cast in spoiled in 2010. There, Brenda and Gonzalo began dating, and together they formed a great family. In 2011 he was born Eloy Herediathe couple’s first child, and in 2017 alfonsinathe smallest of the family.

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