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Britney Spears says there is no justice for me, accuses her father Jamie of trying to kill her, says she wants him to “burn up in hell,” and denies herself during guardianship. wrote in the Daily Mail that she was looking back on things she “didn’t have the right to.”

The Grammy-winning 40-year-old singer posted a series of posts on Twitter where she has 56 million followers. The Grammy winner has repeatedly mentioned her mentorship where she lived.

The Baby One More Time singer mentioned the series of MRIs she had to undergo before being placed in a treatment facility early in her father’s care. She said she was subjected to cruel conditions. “I felt like my father was trying to kill me,” Spears said.

“None of it made sense. Isolation, nurses, blood vessels, constant communication. None was true. I was fine,” she wrote.

Singer called 13 years of custody “hidden manipulative abuse” and accused Jamie Spears of trying to kill her…that my father tried to kill me.I know he’ll burn in hell I hope so,” she wrote.

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Britney Spears on Fatherhood: Burn in Hell –

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