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Regarding the military service issue of the members of the Korean music group “BTS”, the oldest member JIN ( 30 years old) applied for the cancellation of the enlistment postponement, and it was announced by the affiliated office that the other members will enlist one by one. The news, which arrived on October 17th, was a shock, but not a surprise. This is because the conscription issue of BTS has been discussed in the South Korean government for many years. That said, BTS’s fan base, known as “Army,” still had mixed feelings. While some fans are mourning and calling for the safety of their members, others are calling for a boycott of K-pop and Korean products. “Honestly, I don’t want I-ARMYs to buy Korean products or consume K-pop until the members have completed their military service. I’m Korean and I’m a fan of BTS, but I’m not a K-pop fan and I don’t support the Korean government. Twitter user “@KkongGun” posted. South Korea trip canceled In response to this post, one user responded as follows. “Don’t worry. I canceled my trip to Korea. All 18 of us were going to stay for two weeks and do various things. But I’m going to wait until 2025 when BTS resumes activities.” canceling a FAMILY TRIP no there’s no way all of you are fr — anne (@mytreasurehobi) October 18, 2022 Another Twitter user also posted, “I won’t buy anything until the members return.” did.[Photo/Video]Before military service, BTS left a global footprint. Much of the complaints coming from some of his ARMYs stem from the fact that conscription is compulsory. In South Korea, all healthy Korean men are required to serve in the military between the ages of 19 and 28 (with the exception of those who have been active in society, until the age of 30). Even if BTS’s decision to enlist was voluntary, it was still forced. On the other hand, many fans consider these calls to boycott to be “absurd”. One user writes: “The very approach of boycotting South Korea seems strange to me. Why is everyone suddenly saying they don’t want to go to that country anymore or buy Korean products? What is South Korea telling you? 99.9% of the people living in South Korea have nothing to do with what is going on.” ===== Aside from fan attempts to boycott South Korea, What will Korea lose by enlisting BTS members? There is something very interesting about the discussion. By the way, when BTS announced their hiatus in June, the stock price of HYBE, the company that manages BTS, hit its lowest level since its listing two years ago. There is no doubt that BTS has contributed greatly to the Korean economy in the nearly 10 years since their debut. In 2018, Hyundai Research Institute announced that BTS contributed more than $3.6 billion to the South Korean economy annually. Analysts also predicted that BTS could contribute a total of $29.1 trillion to the South Korean economy between 2014 and 2023. Will K-pop related stocks crash? “South Korea has an amazing precedent for what’s to come. BTS’ ‘hiatus’ just made headlines and K-pop affiliate stocks crashed,” one fan tweeted. “The government has dragged its conclusions to this point for so long that it now costs BTS $15 billion due to three years of inactivity. You will have to pay the price.” Another user wrote, referring to BTS’s free concert in Busan on the 15th to help bid for the 2030 World Expo. “If you look at what BTS did in Busan, there is no doubt. It belongs to the Korean music industry, entertainment industry, sports industry, film industry, etc., and the Korean economy and culture that BTS has achieved in one day. No one can imitate your contribution,” the user continued. “With one BTS concert, everything around us benefits. More than 1,000 fans gathered, and the number of viewers who watched the live online distribution reached 50 million. During the concert, JIMIN said this from the stage. “I am sad that the concert is over, but today is not the end. We will continue to perform for the next 30 years, and we will perform even when we are 70.”

BTS Fans Declare ‘Korea Boycott’ While Members Do Military Service

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