Camilo and Eva Luna they became parents for the first time of their daughter Indigo a year ago. The two of them are madly in love with her little girl, who at her young age has already begun to disturb the house with her little steps and first words.

But like many parents, the singers have a dispute that has reached social networks. For Evaluna, Indigo is very similar to her, while for Camilo without a doubt her features are her face.

That is why, through Instagram, they shared a joint video showing photos of both of them as children so that their fans ended up deciding who wins in similarity.

Since the birth of Indigo, the star couple wanted to take care of the baby’s identity, but their international tours made the paparazzi lurking and on many occasions photographed the little girl. In turn, many relatives of the musicians also violated their regulations by posting photos of the baby that circulate on the internet.

Camilo revealed what was the photo that made him fall in love with Evaluna

Although their relationship faced some obstacles, their love seems like something out of a romantic movie. And it is that there was a crucial moment that led them to fall deeply in love and Camilo himself was the one who decided to make it public

Camilo shared on his Instagram account the image with which he fell in love with Evaluna Montaner more than eight years ago. It is a photo in which his future wife is seen with a big smile and her characteristic sympathy.

The photo was taken during the filming of the video clip “Su Luz”, by Ricardo Montaner, in which Evaluna accompanied her father backstage. The image shows the young artist very young, since the photo was taken in 2014.

“It was with this photo that I fell in love with the flea. Okay? Bye,” Camilo wrote next to the photo on his Instagram account. The post received a lot of comments from the couple’s fans. On her Instagram profile, Evaluna Montaner described the photo with the words “On set #VideoMontaner #SuLuz”, which confirms that it was taken during the recording of the video clip.

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