Camilo Echeverry generated controversy on social networks by showing a video of his one-year-old daughter, Indigowith dirty feet from walking barefoot.

And it is that from the beginning of his career the Colombian musician defended the fact of walking barefoot, both inside his house and in his patio and in many of his concerts he goes on stage without slippers. However, his attitude has generated controversy, as some users believe that the baby could get sick if she does not wear shoes in winter.

The comments of the followers

“And it is that they do not have a service to clean the house and the floors. Because if we see how disgusting the place where they live!! Tremendous earthen 😂 ”; “Then they go and get on the bed with those dirty legs”; “My children go like this [email protected] Saje I put shoes and stockings on them, they don’t like it and she is a critic in the family”; “That’s how dirty those floors will be for them to walk with those filthy feet 😂”, were some of the comments that the artist received from Internet users.

“Whose girl is this girl?” joked the singer and showed the bare and dirty feet of his daughter Indigo. Far from being angry with the followers who criticized his decision, he chose to laugh at the situation.

Camilo showed the growth of his daughter Indigo with a tender video

On April 6, 2022, Indigo, the first daughter of Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montaner, arrived in the world. Since then her parents have decided not to publicly show the little girl her identity to take care of her, until she is older and decides whether or not she wants to be a public figure like the rest of her family.

That is why over the months, Indigo has grown very quickly and although many fans may not believe it, the little girl has already begun to take her first steps. Through his official Instagram account, Camilo decided to upload a video of a walk through Miami with his daughter, whom he carried on his shoulders with a backpack.

The one-year-old baby is no longer so calm and it could be seen in the images how she moved her little feet to one side and to the other, babbling a few words as if she wanted to sing. “When you’ve walked a lot and you’re hungry…”, expressed the Colombian singer known for his hits Manos de Tijera, Despeinada and Ambulancia, before gently biting his daughter’s foot.

“I brought an empanada for lunch,” he wrote at the bottom of the post that received more than half a million likes and thousands of other positive comments because of how much Indigo has grown.

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