finally premiered love after lover the series that covers the life of the renowned singer Fito Paez, and it is already among the favorites of Netflix. The 8-chapter fiction managed to move and be applauded by both critics and the public. Martin Campilongo, Campi, is Rodolfo Paez, Fito’s father and his brilliant work stands out in this story.

In an interview for THE M, Campy confessed to brito angel about how he felt his performance in the acclaimed series. “I enjoyed it a lot, I am a re-critic, but I really loved it. I don’t like to see myself act, but he likes it. I was like in public and I laughed, I was moved, I traveled with the series“The comedian began explaining.

I am very self-critical and very perfectionist. I loved the story and when I saw the text and the characters I loved it too, counting 30 years in the life of this guy, with the physical ailments and the maturation of a human being” assured campilongo. “In all the work I do, I like to be a fan of subtleties, I like to give context, I like to give expression to the inexpressive, and that’s what I tried to do with this father.” projection

The love story of Denise Dumas and Campi

The love story of the actress Denise Dumas and comedian Martín “Campi” Campilongo began 17 years ago when both were encouraged to be part of showmatch. One day almost by chance they both stayed talking for a long time after the program, with his humor and simplicity the actor ended up winning the model’s heart.

“ANDor I left thinking ‘I hope he was thinking about me’ and I didn’t say anything. The next day at the theater, enter listorti to my dressing room and -I’m going to say a bad word- he says ‘You, stupid, what were you doing with a friend of mine who calls me and asks for your phone number?’. And I ask him ‘Campi?‘” the actress said.

it was so Campy He took the first impulse and asked her out, she suggested that it be a group outing but he flatly refused, they either went out alone or nothing. What he did not know is that he was coming into Denise’s life at a very delicate moment for her since her father had recently passed away.

Together they formed a blended family in which are the oldest children of the television host, Isabella and Santino, the product of her first marriage to German Barcelo, and her two youngest daughters, Francesca and Emmawhich he had with Campy.

As a family they are all very close and if there is something that he adores Denise Dumas is that everyone can be happy and enjoy their home, “We all like to go out to eat together, we have barbecues at home and we always invite friends. I like to feel that it is a house where people can always come, whenever they want. They are friends of ours or of the boys. We are all very close , pretty sticky.”

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