We are getting marriedbut we haven’t announced it yet,” Cande Molfese began super relaxed from the Loft Stream radio program. “My love, I told it,” the influencer continued amused when she broke the news straight away.

Minutes later, Gastón Soffritti joined the broadcast and assured that he felt “strange”. “There was a proposal. You don’t do that every day. We were in Mexico and it was her birthday. She was very angry because I hadn’t arranged a different plan. We were in that country for a long time, we didn’t even know where to go to eat”, began by recounting the actor.

“We went to eat and came back. We got to the hotel and he grabbed the box. He put on background music that represents us. He told me: ‘If you like it and you feel like it…’ Then I called my mom,” Molfese said. about the marriage proposal.

Social networks quickly echoed this great news. Their fans went crazy and left beautiful messages for the brand new couple who will soon make their love official.

Cande Molfese talked about his love story with Gastón Sofritti

The actors began their romance in the middle of last year. After various rumors, they confirmed their courtship a couple of months later and began to appear together. After a few months they bet on coexistence and the couple flowed.

About the moment they met, she said that it was in the workplace and gave some details of the conquest. “It was the result of an advertisement that we filmed in the South, we met and we could not separate. It’s all very intense, but perfect. I am happy to have found the love that I think I deserved so much.” Cande told dialogue with Hello!

Cande Molfese and Gaston Sofritti.

“We admire and accompany each other, which is something that the couple makes work so that everything flows in an incredible way. Gastón is a great person and I am grateful that he arrived at this moment in my life in which I really wanted to fall in love. It appeared without looking for it ”, He detailed what he likes most about his partner.

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