the chinese brand Great Wall continues to surprise with its releases and, on this occasion, presented at the shanghai lounge to the first plug-in hybrid 6×6 pick-up in the country, the Cannon CyberPickup.

The collaboration with Chao Jing Motors It has allowed the creation of a robust vehicle, capable of withstanding large loads and offering high performance thanks to its plug-in hybrid biturbo drive system. It is based on the shanghai cannonthe evolution of great wall power.

The Cannon CyberP!ckup features three axles and six 18” wheels with all-terrain tires, plus a suspension reinforced with nitrogen shock absorbers to withstand high loads.

Inside, the CyberP!ckup offers a great media screen in the center of the board and upholstered in light tones. With capacity for five peopleits design is highlighted by its prominent fenders, larger air intakes, LED light bar, illuminated grille and a carbon fiber hood.

The CyberP!ckup’s plug-in hybrid twin-turbo drive system features a 3.0-liter internal combustion engine that produces 510 hp and 750 Nm of torque, although precise figures on its hybrid part have not been given. Despite this, a period of purely electric driving is guaranteed.

With this new truck, Great Wall expands its range of vehicles and is committed to technological innovation in the Chinese automotive market. The CyberP!ckup is positioned as a versatile and powerful alternative for those looking for a plug-in hybrid truck with a unique and attractive design.

More information at gente.com.ar