Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Juninho, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo… The list of crashes was huge. That was the basis of the last world champion Brazil. Less than a week ago, the double of the ‘Fenómeno’ was remembered in that country, with the strange hairstyle of his bangs, to Oliver Kahn in the final against Germany.

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Twenty-one years have passed and Brazil has not found its way again. He tried all the technical options available in that country and did not win the World Cup again. And to complete, his ‘cousins’ from Argentina regained the throne in Qatar.

Brazil took a risky bet. The Italian Carlo Ancelotti He will take charge of the National Team as soon as his contract with Real Madrid ends. They are going to give themselves the gabela of starting the tie with an interim, Fernando Diniz, the DT of Fluminense. In a tie in which 7 teams of 10 pass, qualifying is a formality. Give space for that. Already in the local championship, several teams, taking advantage of their economic power, opted for foreign coaches. The last four Libertadores stayed in Brazil, three of them, with foreigners on the bench, the Portuguese Jorge Jesús (Flamengo, 2019) and Abel Ferreira (Palmeiras, 2020 and 2021).

Today, of the 20 Brasileirão teams, eight have foreign coaches: six Portuguese (Abel Ferreira in Palmeiras, Pedro Caixinha in Bragantino, Pepa in Cruzeiro, Antonio Oliveira in Cuiabá, Renato Paiva in Bahia and Armando Evangelista in Goiás) and two Argentines ( Jorge Sampaoli in Flamengo and Juan Pablo Vojvoda in Fortaleza). They look for imported magic, because the national production has not given them results.

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Ancelotti, in the real Madridhas strengthened the two cracks in which Brazil trusts thinking about its future: Vinicius Juniorwhich had already had continuity with Zinedine Zidane, he became the axis of the team, with only 22 years (he arrived in Spain at 18). And Rodrygo, 23, was also hired at the time of the Frenchman, but only this season, with Ancelotti on the bench, did he establish himself as a starter.

In Brazil they trust that ‘Carletto’ will put the machine around them to work. The playoffs are a process. The exam will be in 2026. Brazil is looking for magic abroad.

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