Carlos Vives has one of the longest and most successful careers in Colombian music.. Samarium has been making music for more than four decades and it has been his priority.

But during an interview conducted by the program ‘La Red’, from Caracol Televisión, he assured that, from the moment where his last two children were born, he has seen the need to adjust the routine he dedicates to music to spend more time together.

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“One has to be away all the time, the little ‘pelaos’, it was difficult to travel with them. However, now we usually travel in the summer and have enjoyed it. In these times he has been more pleasant, ”said Vives.

Even now he shares his love for music with them and has shown on different occasions the musical talent of the little ones he procreated next to his current wife Claudia Elena Vásquez, Pedro and Elenaexpressing that they have the talent to become K-pop stars.

In addition, the interpreter of ‘La bicicleta’ assured that on his musical tours his minor children travel with him to be able to share much more time.

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With the older children, living together was a little more difficult since Vives was beginning his career at an international level, time that he has tried to recover during vacation times, since in the past he was much more absent.

Already with the years and life experience that has transformed Carlos Vives in a much more mature man, he assured that “in recent times we have enjoyed it much more and hesitated.”

His children have also shown great talent for singing in Spanish, especially the singer’s daughter, Elenawith whom during the pandemic they sang songs like ‘Don’t go’ together.

Despite this, in general the little ones have been kept away from the cameras and the world of show business so that they have an ordinary life.

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Carlos Vives revealed that he is a concerned father and that he accompanies and supervises each of his children at every stage of their lives.

Lucía has appeared in several of her father’s music videos, thus starting her musical career and is also a philosophy graduate, she is the one who has been most focused on the world of music and starting an artistic career.

His son Carlos has chosen to stay out of the cameras, he also decided to dedicate himself to science, since apparently he is a genetic director and works at Avicanna, a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the study of cannabis.

For now, the interpreter of ‘La gota fría’ is dedicated to working on his artistic career and focusing as much time as possible on his children and accompanying them in their life processes.

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