The posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame honoring Carrie Fisher appears overshadowed but a family feud.

On Star Wars Day, this May 4, Hollywood pays tribute to the late actress who played Princess Leia in the saga.

However, a dispute broke out between Fisher’s daughter and brothers.

Her brother and sisters criticized Billie Lourd for not inviting them. In response, Lourd accused them of trying to “take advantage of my mother’s death.”

Fisher died in 2016 at the age of 60.

In 2018, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill led calls for his co-star to receive his own mosaic on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When it was confirmed last month that he would finally receive the honour, Hamill said it was “long awaited and well deserved“.

However, the actress’s brother, Todd Fisher, said he was not on the guest list for the event.

Fisher told TMZ: “It is painful and offensive to me that I have been intentionally omitted from attending this important event to remember my sister, Carrie“.

Half-sister Joely Fisher posted a message on behalf of her and her sister Tricia Leigh Fisher saying: “Strangely, we will not be attending to celebrate our sister, whom we adore.”

“For some weird and misguided reason, our niece decided not to include us in this epic moment in our sister’s career.”

“Carrie definitely would have wanted her siblings to be present. The fact that her only brother and two sisters were intentionally and deliberately left out is deeply offensive.”

He added that “we’ve all been grieving the loss of our favorite person for a few years… We’ve given Billie the space to do it her way.”

“This is not about a Hollywood Blvd photo shoot,” she wrote. “This is about celebrating Carrie’s legacy in this industry lasting, taking her place with a star on the iconic Walk of Fame alongside our parents.”

Lourd responded in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter. “I apologize to anyone reading this for feeling the need to publicly defend myself against these relatives.“, wrote.

“But unfortunately, because I was publicly attacked, I have to respond publicly. The truth is that I did not invite you to this ceremony. they know why“.

“Days after my mother’s death, her brother and sister chose to grieve publicly and capitalize on my mother’s death, doing multiple interviews and selling books for a lot of money, with the deaths of my mother and grandmother [la actriz Debbie Reynolds] as subject”.

“I found out they had done this through the press. They never consulted me or considered how this would affect our relationship. The truth of my mother’s complicated relationship with her family is only known to me and those who were really close to her“.

“While I recognize that they have every right to do as they choose, their actions hurt me greatly at the most difficult time of my life. I chose and continue to choose to face his loss in a very different way.Lourd declared.

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