There is shock among users over a video that has been circulating on social networks for a few days. The footage, titled ‘Cat blender’, explicitly depicts an act of animal cruelty.

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In the images, which have gone around the world, you can see what appears to be a small cat inside a red blender. The clip reveals the exact moment when the appliance is turned on by an anonymous subject and the animal’s body is consumed by the sharp blades.

The content, which was disseminated explicitly and without censorship, generated a wave of rejection by the public. “Brutal” and “ruthless” are some of the words that both animal rights defenders and activists have used to refer to the practice.

It is not known for sure in which country the clip was recorded, or if it is even real, but there is already a theory. Due to the language in which the instructions on the blender are engraved, many believe that the act took place in an Asian country. Specifically, in China.

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Abandonment, neglect, and cruelty are some types of animal abuse.


Juan Augusto Cardona

Apparently, the video began to circulate on networks at the beginning of this month. According to various portals that have picked up the story, it was initially posted on May 2 by user @scarycontent18. However, the perpetrator of the violent scene has not yet been targeted.

The viralization of the footage put the debate around animal welfare and protection back on the table. With the hashtag #justiceforanimals, many Internet users called to put a magnifying glass on the case to determine the veracity of the clip and, if so, bring the subject that appears on the screen to justice.

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Although the images have been repeatedly removed on platforms such as Twitter, since they violate the application’s use policies due to their violent content and animal abuse, there are other users who have taken it upon themselves to replicate them, thus promoting their widespread use.

Animal cruelty

Animal abuse is any act or behavior that causes harm or suffering, as its name indicates, to an animal. Although it is mostly associated with dogs and cats, the reality is that it has a much broader sense that includes other types of species.

There are several behaviors that are considered abusive. In the Colombian case, negligence, cruelty, commercial overexploitation, abandonment and sexual abuse are some of them.

Animal cruelty refers to conduct derived from mistreatment in which physical, emotional or psychological suffering is considered, in addition to the injuries generated.

Animal abuse is penalized in some countries.

More and more countries are penalizing this practice. Uruguay, for example, has had a law on animal abuse since 2014. In Colombia, on the other hand, there is Law 1774 of January 6, 2016 through which a framework of “respect, solidarity, compassion, ethics, justice, care, prevention of suffering, in the eradication of captivity and abandonment” in the treatment of human beings towards animals.

To report cases of animal abuse in Bogotá, you can call the 123 emergency line or contact the nearest police officer to intervene in the situation and activate the Anti-Cruelty Squad. At the national level, there is line 122 and the free national line 018000919748.

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