Santiago del Moro (45), one of the most famous and successful drivers on television, is extremely reserved about his personal life: he rarely shares images of his daughters or his wife and, in general, avoids showing them completely. This is why he was surprised by the publication of Catalina (12), his eldest daughter.

The tween posted a photo of herself posing for a well-known teen brand. In the publication, the young woman is seen with a black cap, loose hair and a white lamb jacket with a super canchera closure.

The first publication of Cata del Moro as a model.

Quickly, the unexpected publication received thousands of likes. One of the most prominent, as expected, was that of her proud dad. As for comments, there were none. It happens that Cata’s account has almost 20,000 followers, but the comment option is not enabled.

Prior to this photograph, the brand had anticipated that the young woman would become an ambassador for her firm by publishing a letter that says “Hello Catalina, welcome to our team.” For this reason, more publications of the young del Moro are expected. Undoubtedly, this is the first step of a great artistic career.

Why do they compare Catalina del Moro with Lali Esposito?

Some time ago, Santiago del Moro shared a photograph of Katherine on the beach. In the tender postcard, her daughter is seen in a bathing suit with her face half covered with a capeline. With this image, social networks exploded, since there were several who assured that she looked identical to Lali Esposito as a girl.

The comparison between Catalina del Moro and Lali Esposito.

Such was the repercussion that the Big Brother driver himself joined the comparison between the two. “For those who asked me, this image was sent to me by a fan of Lali. For me it is an honor to see something of her because we all love her. She is such a hard worker, talented and good person,” Santiago analyzed.

Thus Santiago del Moro joined the comparisons between his daughter and Lali Esposito.

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