In the last days, the name of Cecilia “Caramelito” Carrizo starred in the headlines, and the reason was the confirmation of his romance with Coco Sily. Although the former driver saw this meeting of souls as almost impossible for not having agreed on work projects, fate brought them together, and after a separation with her ex-partner after 25 years of marriagedecided to give love a new chance.

This Monday, the actress also spoke with Vero Lozano in ‘Cut for Lozano’ and delved into those details that made her say yes to Coco and venture into this relationship that has given so much to talk about.

“Coco is much more than what you see… It always seemed that to me. When I saw him acting seriously or in a humorous space, or giving an opinion. VI saw that, as if behind it there was a wealth that could not be fully glimpsed and I really confirmed that perception that I had of him”, began by saying about what made her fall in love with him.

“Coco (Sily) is a very good man,” said Caramelito Carrizo

“He is a very good man… for me, goodness in a person is of the values, I would say paramount”Cecilia “Caramelito” Carrizo expressed love.

Caramelito and Coco Sily, as a couple
Caramelito and Coco Sily, as a couple

The preferences of Cecilia “Caramelito” Carrizo and Coco Sily in their relationship

Although she did not dare to respond when Vero Lozano asked her if they had already slept together, and laughter invaded her. The famous gave details of the preferences of coconut silly when sharing.
Cecilia let it be known what her now partner calls her in private, “Ceci”, she humorously detailed.

He also said that they enjoy listening to music from the 80s, eating good food and having fun together.

“They wrote me nice things, very nice… With a lot of love. Let’s see, people have known him for a thousand years and love him a lot… and what we were talking about, the surprise of not imagining that we could meet because we hadn’t had a job in common”, he recalled.

This is how the love of Coco Sily and Cecilia “Caramelito” Carrizo was given

For them, the “meeting” was unlikely, however, once it happened they could not hide the happiness they feel to have each other at this moment and enjoy the company they give each other. “That happens, the combination of surprise plus love,” he added in the middle of talking about his private life.

On her separation after 25 years of marriage to Damian Giorgiuttithe father of her two children, the former driver assures that she did not plan to make the news public in a note that day that left everyone speechless, because she said that she could not lie when they asked her a key question for the moment.

“It was something that I was doing the press for a show and they asked me why I had left the A la Tarde program, because I decided not to go anymore because I couldn’t give more with my life and I was overwhelmed with a lot of things… and they just tell me well, now you take refuge in your husband, in your children… and I said: no, the truth separates me. I was not given to lie“, he asserted about the moment.

However, he assured that he does not regret how things happened and was very happy with his present. “It is what it is, it is what happened in my life, and the order in which things happened,” pondered.

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