This week it was released The love after Lovethe Netflix series that reviews the life and musical career of Fito Paez. There, the iconic love story Cecilia Roth and the musician is told with great tenderness. The actress spoke for the first time about how she was reflected in the audiovisual project and she reflected on the love they have for each other.

Roth confessed that he had a relationship with Darina Butrykwho interpreted it, and recounted: “We talked a lot with the actress, which is charming. I did not speak with the producers, but if we spoke with Fito about the need for things to be as close to reality as possible. Of course, in a fiction the permission given by the author and the director is to modify certain things”

Fito Páez and Cecilia Roth

Despite the great success of the series, Cecilia revealed that she had not seen it yet. “They told me that she is very good. On top of that, Daryna is a very good actress, she is lovely. We had several meetings, we got together several times because it was good for both of us. Being able to tell him things and getting him to know me, being able to get closer to the character that he had to do, that existed in real life. And to me, to tell him things that do not appear in the series so that he would know where they came from, ”he explained about the process of creating his character.

in dialogue with Catherine Dlugi recalled his love story with Paez: “I think that we enlighten each other a lotit was a very beautiful meeting.” Then he deepened: “We saw each other’s souls when we met. Each one realized what the other lacked and what the other had, it was a very generous way of a loving encounter”.

Daryna Butryk told how she created the character of Cecilia Roth

Darina Butryk was a big reveal on the hit series. The actress perfectly recreated Roth and received hundreds of compliments for her work. On how she prepared for this challenge, she detailed: “I watched a lot of videos. I repeated interviews like crazy, like a parrot, as well as with Cecilia’s shades and others, I copied her makeup, I looked for photos, I looked for how she did her makeup, when I did my makeup I said: “Ah, I’m really similar.” It’s difficult for one to look similar to another person because one is one and one knows his little things and his… And I said: “Oh! I look alike, but where was this resemblance all my life? I mean, they never ever told me and it was beautiful.”

“The whole meeting with Cecilia was really magical because she gave me a degree of dedication: He invited me to his house, he showed me his photos, his albums from that moment, he showed me from afar diaries that he has from those years, ”revealed the actress in dialogue with Caras Magazine and was very grateful for the opportunity that Roth gave her to get to know her in depth. and to be able to express his energy in the filming.

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