There are fewer and fewer doubts: Celeste Cid (39) and Abril Sosa (41) got engaged. The couple has been leaving some clues on their social networks, but last night the actress went one step further and shared with his followers a carousel of romantic photos next to his hand with a ring on the ring finger.

The photos that Celeste Cid shared from her walk. (Photos: Social Networks)

“What the full moon left us 🌕 🦋 🌈 💍 💘,” she wrote, complete with a ring emoji. In addition, her boyfriend’s comment only brought more doubts than certainties: “And what the moon has in store for us (or has already given us), Maria, my love“, romantically posted the drummer of Catupecu Machu.

The photo of the ring that Celeste Cid shared on her Instagram. (Photo: Social Networks)

The most romantic date of Celeste Cid and Abril Sosa

The appointment was in the Secret Garden that was set up at night in the Botanical Garden of Palermo. There are mapping, lights, facilities and different corners that help to rediscover one of the few green lungs of the City of Buenos Aires.

They both seem super in loveand the followers of both let it be known on social networks that they already dream of this romance at the altar. And there are fewer and fewer doubts about it.

celeste cid and abril sosa
Celeste Cid and Abril Sosa, in love under the full moon. (Photo: Social networks)

Celeste Cid and Abril Sosa: the clues on social networks about the marriage

Celeste Cid (39) introduced her new partner, Abril Sosa (41), and she is more in love than ever on social networks. They recently traveled to Europe and left some clues on networks about how they live this romantic courtship.

The brand new protagonist of the cover of PEOPLE shared a roll of photographs in Germany along with his love, whom he highlighted in a dialogue with this medium: “It comes at a time when my life is very comfortable. Everything is calm and works: I don’t need a partner to complement me. And at the same time, yes. Because it is something that is needed and it is nice to be accompanied “, he confided to PEOPLE in your cover story.

In the first image of the post, the shadows of both are seen well together during their visit to the National Gallery of Art: “Berlin… Yes I accept“, wrote Sky blue, somewhat mysterious. April He quickly took the post and published, perhaps to make it clearer: “I want to marry you 73,000 times a yearamong the shadows, the cities, the nights, the days, the moons and the lights”.

Celeste Cid and Abril Sosa’s proposal: “I want to marry you 73 thousand times a year”

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