The expectation generated by the wedding (and all the celebrations surrounding the link) of Tamara Falcó together with Íñigo Onieva increases much more if we take into account that The family of the Marquise de Griñón is one of the most publicized in our country. For this reason, we did not want to miss a single detail of the arrival in Spain of the family members, since many of them have been living abroad for years. This is what has happened with Chabeli Iglesias, the eldest daughter of the famous singer Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler, who landed in our country a day ago to attend the wedding. Chabeli is known for maintaining a private and discreet life, away from the media spotlight and the artistic career of her father and brothers. And yesterday, we could see her arrive at the pre-wedding party for her, which took place at the iconic Ritz hotel in Madrid with her husband, Christian Altaba. Another essential at last night’s date was Tamara’s little sister, Ana Boyer, fruit of the relationship of his mother, Isabel Preysler with the minister Miguel Boyer. Boyer arrived at the event with her husband, the tennis player Fernando Verdasco.

Chábeli Iglesias and Ana Boyer coincide in a ‘look’, boho dress, at Tamara Falcó’s pre-wedding

If something caught our attention from the arrival of both sisters, it was the choice of the ‘look’. The two opted for very similar designs, shirt-style dresses in a boho key. The dresses of the two had the same background color, raw white and had a floral print in the center of the garment. Two ‘hippie chic’ inspired designs most relaxed and ideal that was the spitting image of comfort and practicality. However, both knew how to elevate the ‘look’ to the category of sophistication that the event required through accessories. In the case of Chábeli, she opted for her part to wear red ‘stilettos’. And Ana, for some pretty sandals with matching jewels. ANDhe Boyer design belongs to the collection of designer Charo Ruíz, internationally famous for her Ibizan designs. As accessories, the youngest daughter of Isabel Preysler chose jewelry from Rabat, the same firm that she will be in charge of her jewelry at her sister’s wedding, Lodi sandals and a raffia clutch

chábeli pre-wedding of tamara falcó


ana boyer tamara falcó pre-wedding


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