the departure of John Ferrara of Argentine cooks is involved in a sea of ​​rumors about the irregular way in which it was produced. One of the strongest versions is that he was invited to retire from the Public TV cycle in the framework of the arrival of Chantal Abad, situation that made him be relegated from his historic space.

“We are talking right now so that I can understand what is happening and what is the truth. Juan is very loving and he is also uncomfortable with what is going around. We are colleagues, we respect each other and it is far from both of us to get involved in this type of conflict.” explained the cook who joined the driving a few days ago.

In dialogue with Primicias Ya, she stated “to be calm” and “to know how things are and to make the decisions that she has to make.”

And he was honest: “We are both in that situation and trying to understand. Me writing down some things, he about others… the truth is that we were in the middle of something horrible.”

Chanta Abad and Juan Ferrara will meet to clarify the situation

“For me, truth and transparency always go first and there are things that I don’t let go. I want and need to understand what his situation is and if the version I had is the truth. Only he will be able to tell me”, he said while revealing that he is going to have a coffee with his colleague so that things are clear.

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