After having participated in the Grego Rosello streaming cycle, “Ferné with Grego”the china suarez It is more active than ever. On Thursday night, she shared some super sexy photos on her networks where she is seen with a total black look that reveals her torso, and she took the opportunity to thank her “personal photographer ” her.

“To be my friend and to comb and make up; and everything… He finally took photos (laughs),” he expressed about Juanma Cativa in an Instagram story, before sharing photos of his outfit. Eugenia Suárez dressed with gloves that become sleeves when joined at the neck, high-waisted pants, a bodice and platform boots, all in black. As accessories she used body chains that fall from her neck to her waist.

The total black look of China Suárez for an event of a renowned fashion brand
The total black look of China Suárez for an event of a renowned fashion brand

La China Suárez: the keys to her original slippers to spend the winter

During this last time, the China Suarez (31) has made his devotion to sneakers very clear. The actress usually incorporates them with tailored or casual looks, showing that they are Super versatile and they go well with everything.

Devoted to urban style, a trend that was able to establish itself in the world of fashion and found its way to even the most sophisticated brands, the former ATAV He has a large collection of sneakers. Now, He has just shown off some particular “sneakers slippers”.

The eccentric slippers of China Suárez

It is about some exclusive Nike Air Jordan slippers, fluffy style, super XL and plush in red, black and white. Eugenia’s recent acquisition, which she premiered on her Instagram stories, is a very trendy alternative when it comes to lookear their styles of intercasa.

According to the product description, they are “very comfortable and warm shoes, easy to put on and take off, and with a non-slip sole, ideal for walking around the house.”

It should be remembered that this type of fluffy slippers (whether they are branded or their infinite imitations) were used again last year in different types of designs. Due to their functionality, they end up being the ideal complement both for oversize and casual looks as well as for wearing pajamas.

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