A few hours ago, the panelist Yanina Latorre (54) told that the china suarez (31) was beginning a relationship with a 45-year-old producer, and the former Almost angels He took his social networks to ensure that it was a lie.

Through her personal Instagram, the actress made a series of stories in which she was ironic about the rumors that insist on linking her to the producer Rodo Lamboglia.

“How many boyfriends did they make up for me in a week? I broke up three weeks ago and I already had a singer boyfriend (she had been associated with Thunder), one of the sixties, that I don’t know and I haven’t seen in my life, and now with my producer friend, rude, Rodo Lamboglia. We send him a kiss, he is in Madrid, I think, “he began by explaining.

Then, he continued asking in a humorous tone: “Who will be my new boyfriend tomorrow? Stay tuned to my channel, subscribe for news”.

In addition, Eugenia attached a screenshot of the conversation she had with the producer, in which she revealed that she was angry about the mistake in her age and that she claimed that these inventions did nothing more than “scare” future couples.

Chinese chat with Lamboglia.  Photo screenshot.
Chinese chat with Lamboglia. Photo screenshot.

“Che, and Rodo is outraged because they told him that he was 60 years old and he is much younger. I know it’s hard to see me single, and weird, but that’s the way it is for now. I’m all alone“, closed the actress.

Who is Rodo Lamboglia, who is related to China Suárez

Three weeks ago the news of the separation of China Suarez and Rusherking. From that moment on, although the actress clarified that the break had not been caused by discordant third parties, they insisted on various rumors. But it wasn’t until yesterday that Yanina Latorre gave the name of Rodo Lamboglia.

According to Latorre, he is a 46-year-old billionaire businessman. “He is super handsome, he is Argentine, he lives in Miami. He has two producers, including Bourke, which is the one with which she made the special with (Alexander) Fantino. He is the best friend of Monaco Peak; He has one of the production companies that do sporting events with him,” said the panelist from THE M.

In addition, the little angel added: He has an apartment, the cheapest in that tower costs 2.9 million dollars and the most expensive costs 11″. In addition, she commented that the actress would have met Rodo during the filming of The duela film in which he stars alongside Joaquin Furriel and that it was filmed in Uruguay. On the other hand, the businessman was also the producer of the programs that China made on his trip to Qatar.

“They would have started seeing each other in October when they went to Qatar, she was dating Rusher. He talks about her as a free woman,” said the panelist. “After that, she makes another lightning trip to Montevideo, I don’t have the date, but they see each other again and the rumor comes from there,” Yanina closed.

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