The china suarez reacted legally to the statements of Cinthia Fernandez. In her letter, a document that the actress sent to the panelist, she accused her of “causing moral damage to his public figure.”

From the LAM account, the text written by the former lawyer was released Almost angels: “These are statements that are not true and that cause serious moral and professional damage to my client given his public career in the media. By virtue of this and the arguments put forward, I intimidate you in the indicated term to ratify or rectify the terms issued by you mentioned”.

The document letter that China Suárez sent to Cinthia Fernández.

We also request that you refrain from issuing an opinion on the person of my client that has nothing to do with his profession and much less with regard to his personal life, under penalty of initiating the corresponding legal actions,” the document added.

What Cinthia Fernández said about China Suárez

This week, Cinthia Fernandez He opined from his personal Twitter account: “How bad China Suárez is in fucking with a song with the motorhome. You destroyed a family, you and the guy, and on top of that you laugh. This skinny one is terrifying.”

Cinthia Fernández’s tweet about China Suárez.

The video of the controversy

China Suárez has been installed in Uruguay for the last few weeks since she was filming a series there. On the last day of recordings, she uploaded a video in which she showed her assistants and told that they had prepared a song for them to say goodbye to her.

“In it engine from La China, La China fought, I hope they all comb their hair, the fucking mother who gave birth to them”, they intoned very happily from the motorhome.

Everyone quickly assured that this song would be strongly related to the scandal that took place years ago when pampita I would have found the actress red-handed with Benjamin Vicuna in full shoot.

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