China Suárez gave her first interview after the unexpected breakup with Rusherking. There she talked about her life, she remembered her career, but she put great focus on the loves of her life. So much so that she revealed an unknown story: she once begged for love.

Without giving names, he recounted: “My heart was broken at twenty-something. It was very hard, he was very jealous, and he told me ‘I love you but I can’t with your personality'”.

Regarding this fact, he clarified: “In other words, he had fallen in love with my freedom, my independence, and I speak of freedom as I am, not of being with 20 people at the same time.”

“The desperation of saying ‘what am I doing on my knees asking please not to leave me?’ Because she told me ‘I love you, I love you, but I can’t be with you because of your personality. I can’t, it hurts me, it makes me jealous”recounted with total sincerity in dialogue with Grego Rosello.

Grego Rosello received China Suárez in his program

How China Suárez defined herself in love

Regarding her well-known sentimental relationships, the actress defined herself “very infatuated and fanciful”then quipped: “I must have fallen in love in the nursery with the baby in the crib next door, I would love to be one of those people who say they enjoy solitude”.

He also spoke about the possibility of having more children and was blunt: “I’m not for another sonI already have three; get married I never got married… I don’t rule it out, I don’t know, I haven’t decided”. She also winked at her ex-partners and clarified what her current relationship with them is like: “All life is better to be a mother, although I am not romanticizing motherhood…I get along well with the eight parents, re well, I chose very well“.

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