The china suarez was present on Wednesday night in the interview cycle Grego Rosello on YouTube, titled Ferne with Grego. The live note was a boom in social networks because it is not common for the actress to open up live.

At the beginning of the talk, Grego asked the former Casi Ángeles what motivated her recently to leave her acting career, to fully immerse herself in creating music. To which María Eugenia Suárez replied: “Maybe for people if it was suddenly to have returned to music but for me it was a long process. It didn’t encourage me. It’s not that I have low self-esteem, but there are people who are very good at doing what she does and I felt that I wasn’t enough or that there wasn’t a place for me”.

“But I think what is happening with social networks is that now there is a place for everyone, and well here I am,” he continued. It was then that the driver reminded him of the help of his youngest daughter, Magnolia, who would have been the crucial little person to encourage him to fulfill his dream postponed by motherhood.

China Suárez in Ferné with Grego. Photo: social networks.

“Magnolia and Rufi, the truth is that they listened to me sing all the time at home. And already a little swollen balls told me: ‘mom, don’t you realize that you are singing all day?’ And she encouraged me a little to come back”, China said laughing when she remembered the words of her little ones.

China Suárez covered the tattoo dedicated to Rusherking

Before the long-awaited interview of Grego Rosello with China Suárez began, the model made a very special request to the make-up artists of the production. And it was that she covered the tattoo that she would have made months ago dedicated to her ex-partner, Rusherking.

The moment in which the tattoo was covered with makeup was recorded by the guest herself, who through her social networks showed the entire process to completely disappear her ex’s lips.

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