China Suárez (31) is betting on her musical career. That is why a few days ago she released the video clip of unanniversary, his new song. According to her fans -and those who noticed the sunflowers in the video-, this topic would be her way of saying goodbye to Rusherking (23), her last love.

Another detail that caught the attention of his fans is that Magnolia (5), his second daughter, also appeared in the clip. “The Magnolia thing was at the moment. It was not thought of. It was not even by script. But we were there that day, and she tells me: ‘Mom, I want to act too,'” revealed the former Casi Ángeles in an interview with FM LIKE, 97.1.

Then he explained how the girl’s request was: “She saw that they were filming me and said ‘why her and not me?’ And I told him: ‘really? Look, the whole world is going to see you. Do you feel like it?'”

His daughter did not doubt it for a second: “He said ‘yes, mom, please, I love it’. So I let Magnolia come and she was all day asking ‘When is my part coming? When is my turn?'”

“On, It’s funny because it’s outlined. She put on her makeup a while before, playingand it was like that in the video,” his mother commented amused before reflecting: “I think it makes sense that Magnolia is there. Some have told me: ‘They are your refuge'”.

Magnolia’s look in the video

While filming the video, the china suarez He shared the outfit chosen by his daughter Magnolia: himThe little girl wore a spectacular hand-painted jean with drawings by the American plastic artist Keith Haring, urban white and green sneakers – just like the ones his mom wears – and, for warmth, a college football-style jacket. To close her look, she was styled with two very cool high braids.

The look of Magnolia Vicuna.

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