In recent days, a photograph of Pampita (45) was released with Beltrán (11), her fourth son, walking in a mall with Magnolia Vicuña (5). This postcard made clear the good vibes between the driver and China Suárez (31).

What China Suárez said about the photo of Pampita and Magnolia

The image quickly went viral and the fans of the former Casi Ángeles did not hesitate to consult him for that photo. “Your daughter was shopping with her brother’s mother? It’s great that they have that relationship.”

Given this, Suárez said: “Yes, we are family and I love the relationship my children have with their siblings. All the adults in this family prioritize the children.” This response was accompanied by a photo of Magnolia taken by Pampita that same afternoon.

The response of China Suárez about the relationship with Pampita.

Pampita’s photo with Magnolia Vicuña

The famous photo was shared by Gossipeame, the account specialized in shows. There you can see pampita with jeans and a white jumpsuit very smiling next to Magnolia Vicuna walking through a mall. close to them is beltran very happy to be walking with his little sister.

The walk of Pampita and Magnolia Vicuña.

The good vibes of China Suárez to Pampita

Several years after the great scandal that was the separation of pampita and Benjamin Vicuna (44), the china suarez and the driver were able to rebuild their bond. Both have long emphasized that their great priority is their children and the good relationship between all the siblings.

This year, the actress decided to share a loving detail towards Beltran Vicuna for his birthday. From his social networks, Suárez uploaded a sweet video of his younger children greeting his older brother.

In that same publication, he publicly tagged Pampita. What surprised her was that the account she used for Benjamin does not exist.

The posting of China Suárez.

Pampita on her relationship with China Suárez

Pampita was recently consulted about her relationship with China Suárez. In this sense, she explained: “Yes, we got along very well. We are all very connected. We have a support network for the boys, for all things.”

Undoubtedly, the host made it clear that everything is in the best way between the two and that they will continue to meet many times: “Obviously there will be many birthdays, events, communions, many moments that we will have to share. CI think kids are proud of how adults behave.”

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