China Suárez, Wanda Nara and Evangelina Anderson coincided in the boxes of the River field. All of them, accompanied by their children, enjoyed supporting the club of their love.

In the case of China, she was accompanied by a friend and two of her children, Amancio and Magnolia. On his Instagram, he shared a reel with tender postcards in the gallery next to them.

China Suárez went to the court with Amancio and Magnolia, two of her children. (Photos: Social Networks)

Also in Instagram stories, he showed how his youngest son had fun watching the soccer game, in which the local team beat Independiente by two goals.

At another time, the coincidence of Wanda and La China in the Monumental would have been a starter by itself. But, with the media installed in the country and with his son playing in the lower ranks of the clubit could be said that the Nara are always locals in the Millionaire’s field.

Wanda Nara and Valentino went to see River. (Photos: Social Networks)

Although he chose a sophisticated outfits from Geneva, and in his stories he was in charge of billing while watching the game with an advertisement for a non-alcoholic beer, earlier he had been jogging in the pasture, banking his son who competes in the 2009 River category.

It was undoubtedly a good day for Wanda: in addition to the Millionaire’s triumph, she won the rating with MasterChef.

Wanda Nara, like every Sunday, went to bank her son Valentino. (Photo: Social networks)

If Wanda is local to River, evangeline would become the First Lady. The wife of Martín Demichelis, the current technical director of the club, went with her entire family to bank not only the institution, but also her son.

Evangelina Anderson, the first lady of River, went with her entire family to the Monument. (Photos: Social Networks)

His son, who also plays in the lower ranks on the same team as Valentino López, He was on the field of 11 working as a ball boy. Proud of the achievements of the men in her family, Evangelina showed on social networks how she lived it.

The children of Wanda Nara and Evangelina Anderson won with River: the support of proud moms

Wanda Nara and Evangelina Anderson They once again showed their support for their children on the court. Valentino and Bastian, the greatest of the mediacoincide in the club and are players of the 2009 category of the inferiors of River. yesterday the team he beat Lanús 2-0 and everyone celebrated the triumph on social networks.

Wanda took a break of the MasterChef recordings and He did not hesitate to take the mate to the visitor’s gallery. From there, he filmed and encouraged his firstborn. At the same time, joked about the look differences between the set of telefe and the joggineta that he chose to go to the field accordingly.

Wanda Nara compared her version of MasterChef with that of the rostrum. (Photo: Social networks)

valentine He posted several photos in a carousel on his Instagram account and posted a self-improvement message in English: “Lions will eventually find a way to eat their prey, and I am a lion who will find a way to score.”.

In addition to the like of his mother, His grandmother Nora Colosimo also encouraged from social networks: “Vamossss the kids of 2009!!”. The son of Wanda has great experience despite his young age: he has already played in the inferiors of PSG and Galatasaray.

Valentino’s post, celebrating River’s triumph against Lanús. (Photo: Capture)

At the same time, Evangelina Anderson she also proudly showed her son’s triumph on the field. In addition, it was a special day for the eldest of her family: The long-awaited debut finally arrived.Bastian’s debut in River against Lanús. They won 2 to 0. Let’s go Bastii“He encouraged on Instagram along with a photo of the player in full action.

Evangelina Anderson supported her son Bastian on Instagram. (Photo: Social networks)

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