A Chinese influencer who called himself ‘Brother Three Thousand’ (in Spanish ‘Brother three thousand’) died after completing a live challenge that consisted of drinking alcohol, specifically seven bottles of baijiu liquor, which has more or less 60% of alcohol.

The man would be 34 years old and his last name was Wangdetailed the BBC. As indicated, the subject had already drunk alcohol during his transmissions and even the Douyin app, which is similar to Tik Tok but that only works in China, he had already blocked some accounts for failing to comply with community standards.

It was reported that on May 16 the ‘influencer’ was competing with other creators to see who won the most gifts from followers in a certain time. After losing three rounds, ‘Brother Three Thousand’ drank the liquor bottles as punishment.

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The transmission would have ended around midnight and his family found him dead, after an ethylic coma, the following afternoon. “When his family found him, he was already gone, he didn’t even have a chance to receive emergency treatment,” one of his friends, Zhao, told the local media. Shanghai News.

Wang’s case would have revived the debate on security and regulations in this type of social networksince he is not the only creator who died after doing activities related to his work as an influencer in China.

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Another Chinese man, named Yu Hailong, who was known in Douyin for eating large amounts of food, also ended up dying in 2021, “after long hours of high-intensity work,” in the words of his agent, he rescued BBC.


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