Chinese Darin and Ursula Corberó They have been in a relationship for eight years, since they met on the set of “The Embassy”, the Antena 3 series that made the son of Ricardo Darin Pack your bags and go try your luck in the old continent.

Since then they have tried to keep a low profile and little is known about their privacy. But in a recent interview with Chino Darín to Caja Negra, he was encouraged to tell a detail that very few people knew about the couple. And it is that the actor adopts very Spanish idioms when he is at home, something that often surprises him talking with his family, friends or Argentine colleagues.

“When I saw Argentines using Spanish idioms, I said: ‘You have to be an asshole, eh’, and now I am the asshole, obviously. There is something that is used to communicate, so where you can shorten distances and communicate faster in a more efficient way, there is something which are automatically like in the life hacks that you sometimes find, you never do it differently again”, explained Chino Darín about his appropriation of Spanish terms.

“Sometimes I use the ‘take’, of course, I find myself saying ‘I’m going to take such a thing’, so I feel incredibly ridiculous. I live with a Spanish woman, who is also Catalan, with which she speaks Catalan with his family. So there is a mix of languages,” he revealed.

Úrsula Corberó also discovered with her boyfriend some Argentine words that do not exist in Spain and that she enjoys using. “She also incorporates things from Argentina. ‘Quilombo’ is the favorite word of almost any Spaniard. ‘Prolijo’ is a word that has no synonym in Spain”, she closed.

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