The arrival of striker Luis Fernando Sandoval at Deportivo Cali unleashed a storm in the club. As he had announced if that happened, coach Jorge Luis Pinto resigned.

“My intention was always to contribute the best of myself selflessly. However, due to circumstances and the impossibility of sharing decisions that are not aligned with my principles and values, I am forced to make this decision against my will and feelings,” Pinto declared.

Sandoval was presented with great fanfare by Cali and that generated mixed reactions. While some wished him success at his new club, others sided with Pinto and criticized his arrival because of his disciplinary record.

The ex-attacker from Junior from Barranquilla spoke for the first time after the scandal that took him out of the “Shark” team and on the program “Zona Libre de Humo” he spoke about how he is dealing with the issue of recovery and the division with Pinto.

“I think I’ve never been a rotten apple, I’m a happy person, I like to joke. I have to prepare myself, be 100 percent to give the club a grain of sand”, Sandoval stated.

“Now I am in some therapies, this is more a matter of self-control. Sometimes some believe that one is an alcoholic, but everyone has their way of thinking. Now here at Deportivo Cali I am already working with the psychologist,” she added.

Chino Sandoval’s forceful response to Jorge Luis Pinto

Sandoval was forceful regarding Pinto’s decision to leave Cali due to his arrival.

“The teacher Jorge Luis Pinto has his thinking and if he made the decision it is respectable, the directors welcomed me, offered me their support, unfortunately the teacher did not want to, he closed himself off and they are things that one cannot do anything about”, referenced.

The player mentioned that in Cali he signed a clause to terminate the contract in case he is again involved in issues of indiscipline and asked the Cali fans to trust him after this opportunity they are giving him.

“I signed the clause, which is signed by all the teams. If there is bad behavior, the club can terminate the contract, God willing we are focused on reversing this situation that the club is experiencing,” he said.

“I tell the Deportivo Cali fan that I have confidence, supporting the boys, I know this is going to change, expect goals and good performance from ‘Chino’,” Sandoval concluded.

Cali will debut in the 2023-II League against Deportivo Pereira as a visitor on July 17.

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