The American singer and actor Jared Leto decided to pay tribute this Monday at the MET gala to the cat Choupetteheir to the late designer Karl Lagerfeld, who was the inspiration for this edition of the event.

But who is this cat and why was she so important to the German? We tell you.

The famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld had an inseparable companion: his Burmese cat named Choupette.

This feline became a popular figure on social networks and in the world of fashion, becoming considered one of the most famous cats in the world.

“This cat belonged to a friend who asked my servant (sic) if she could take care of her for two weeks while she was away on a trip. When she returned, she did not get Choupette back. She had another cat, and Choupette became the best known cat in the world, but also the richest“Karl Lagerfeld told Vanity Fair.

She was treated like a member of the family, even traveling on a private jet with Lagerfeld.

In addition to being a social media celebrity, Choupette has also starred in a number of ad campaigns for brands including Shu Uemura and Opel.

“Choupette is the center of my world. She is a kind of Greta Garbo, she has something unforgettable, in the way she moves. She inspires me with her elegance and her attitude“said the designer.

Jared Leto at the 2023 Met Gala.



After Lagerfeld’s death in 2019, Choupette inherited a portion of his assets, including a Paris mansion and a multi-million dollar fortune.

Since then, she has remained a very popular figure on social media and has been featured in various fashion publications.

In an interview, Lagerfeld said that Choupette was his greatest love and that he would rather spend time with her than with most people.

The relationship between the two was so close that Lagerfeld even claimed that she was his “universal heir”, which shows the love and affection he felt for his cat.

Lagerfled gave Choupette two ladies-in-waiting and a bodyguard. The animal ate at the table next to his master, from silver dishes. More than opera, Choupette likes South American music and hated high-pitched voices, according to the book ‘Choupette, the enchanted life of a fashion cat’), published in 2014.

With more than 210,000 followers on Instagram, this cat has shown that animals can also be stars and that the relationship between a human being and their pet can be very special.


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