christian gonzalez He called his dad, Hector, and told him that he had a big surprise for him if he was chosen for a team from the nfl in the draft, but he did not tell him anything else.

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Just days before his name was announced as a new member of the sensational team New England Patriots, Christian sent Hector a photo, in which he was wearing a bright white suit; the inside of his jacket was designed in the colors of the Colombian flag.

Long story

When the announcer took the microphone and spoke the name of the 20-year-old boy, born June 28, 2002 in Carrollton, Texas, United Stateswho has only taken a plane twice to come to the country to meet his father’s family, but who feels more Colombian than the arepa and the sombrero vueltiao, madness broke out.

(Also: Christian González, the Colombian chosen by the New England Patriots of the NFL)Like him, his family cried. Hector, his wife, Temple, an American, and his daughters Melissa, Samantha and their little girl, only 10 years old, Lily, couldn’t believe it.

They knew of his power, of the sacrifices he made, of the desire he had to be one of the chosen ones, but until nothing materialized, they could not celebrate.

It was a giant step that Christian had taken, who became the third Colombian to be part of a team from the NFL American Football, after Jairo Peñaranda, Fuad Reveiz and Fernando Velasco.

Peñaranda was a running back for the Los Angeles Rams in 1981 and the Philadelphia Eagles in 1985; Reveiz was a kicker for the Dolphins (1985-1988), Chargers (1990) and Vikings (1995), and Velasco played for the Titans (2008-2012), Steelers (2013) and Panthers (2014-2015), with whom he was in Super Bowl 50.

to the best team

None of them had the opportunity to reach the Patriots, to be led by veteran Bill Belichick, the coach who holds the record for league champion rings, with six, González will.

He was selected with the 12th pick of the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City (Missouri, USA), city ​​where the family was reunited.

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“I am very excited for this opportunity that means a lot to me and to Colombia, where my father was born. I am very happy to be here, ”González said, once again displaying the flag that he had hidden under his suit.

Hector couldn’t believe it, although it was no surprise to him, because despite the fact that none of his children were born in Colombia, They carry his blood and he has ensured that they do not forget their roots.

“I listen to salsa, here you read a lot about Colombia, you know the history, you see news from there, you read documents from the country, in short, my children are very Colombian,” Héctor told EL TIEMPO.

its beginnings

Héctor González was born in Valle del Cauca, he dedicated himself to sports: he played soccer, he was a goalkeeper, but he began to grow and at the age of 14 he came to basketball.

He climbed, defended the smells of his apartment and met Jorge Cárdenas, the man who empowered him, the one who led him through the sport of basket.

It was youth, junior, sub-20 and reached seniors. He defended the colors of the Valle, Los Paisas and the Piratas quintet, the one who helped win the champion in 1999 hand in hand with José Tapias.

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That opened the doors for him and he got a scholarship in Texas, United States. She did not hesitate twice and traveled. He began his business administration studies at the university headquarters in Step, in the middle of the Mexican border, and there he met Temple, his wife, with whom he formed a family, all sporty.

Melissa and Samantha are athletes. The first was in Colombia in the tokyo olympics in the 400 meter hurdles competition and the second wants to go to the Paris.

From left From right: Héctor, his father, Temple, his mother; Christian, Lily, Samantha and Melissa, the family on Election Day.

Like his sisters, Christian has also had sport very presentand. From the age of five he played soccer, then he went through basketball and finally he stayed in American football.

Héctor says that his son was always a good student, who excelled in the classroom. He says that he is a very reserved boy, of few words, few friends, but that he is determined to achieve his objectives.

“We realized that football was his thing when in middle school, in the first three years of high school, he had already excelled. Technicians from some universities who visit educational centers took him into account, contacted him and he gradually realized that his thing was American football, ”said the proud father.


Upon graduating from high school, Christian signed with the University of Colorado in the middle of a pandemic After his graduation, Christian moved out of his house and went to live in Boulderingheadquarters of the University, but it was not easy.

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“His last year of high school was virtual and that’s how he graduated, there was no other option. Once in Colorado, still in a pandemic, he hardly trained, he did it in small groups. That is why he only played five games, all without an audience, although we managed to see him in one of them, ”recalls the proud father.

Thanks to his excellent performance as a cornerback, González was transferred to the University of Oregon. He lives half an hour from Portland and is studying sociology and business there, but now he will have to travel again.

He only has a semester left to finish his degree, but they already decided that he would do it next year, when the NFL season is over.

“There was crying, smiles, I couldn’t say what happened, it’s a strange feeling.”

“Christian had good statistics. Here the recruiters follow the steps of the prospects to the millimeter and he was in that select group. And each team has a people they choose. We hoped they would choose him, but not for Patriotas, it was possible, but immense” declared Héctor.

hard road

What happened at that moment is indescribable. The González family was transformed. Happiness was immense and words fall short to describe that moment.

“The first thing he told me was that he was happy. It’s just that most of the kids here dream of it, but getting it isn’t easy, that’s why happiness lasts. There was crying, smiles, I couldn’t say what happened, it’s a strange feeling that happened to all of us at that moment when we heard his name and he was chosen, “he said. Hector Gonzalez.

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No one was surprised by the flag under his jacket, because Christian feels very Colombian, even if he only came to the country once for a cousin’s baptism and another time to greet his grandparents, but nothing more.

“Family occupations, chores in the United States, study, sports, they, my children, do not have time to go to Colombia, but believe me that although they were not born there, they are Colombians. For the show, that detail of the flag on the suit, that Melissa has gone to Tokyo as a representative and now Samantha wants to go to Paris, we are working on that,” Héctor said.

from scratch

The González’s know of the immense responsibility that Christian has, but at the same time they are calm, because he will respond. He reaches the best NFL team in recent times, which he has swept in the fight for the rings and will seek a place in the main team. He will not rest in looking for it and getting it.

It won’t be easy, but he’s worked for it. She has studied, she has had to sacrifice moments with her family, she has had many hours of non-stop work to have taken this first step. Hector warns that he is sure that he will succeed and will be aware of what his son will do.

“We have taken a big step, but what has been done is done. Now the real work begins, it’s a new path and Christan is ready,” she said.
From now on, Christian is focused on his new goal. He is moved by the idea of ​​playing, of getting many touchdowns (scores) and being a figure of the event that moves masses in the USA.
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