Clara ChiaGerard Pique’s girlfriend, has assumed a leading role in the story that has been woven since the ex-soccer player publicly involved her in his life after breaking up with the Colombian Shakira.

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Every step of the young woman is closely followed by the paparazzi, who do not miss a detail. The last thing that was known is that the couple was in vacation in Abu Dhabi.

But since new information about the environment and what happens with Clara and Piqué emerges daily, the new version has to do directly with the Colombian.

cruel nickname

Piqué, Clara Chia and Shakira.


Instagram Gerard Piqué, YouTube Shakira

Now the cruel nicknames that Clara Chía Martí’s friends gave to the Colombian singer were known.

The Spanish journalist Roberto Antolin, revealed details of the name they have given him. According to his version, according to versions of international entertainment media.

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“She and her friends also call the singer old, witch, menopausalthat’s what they call it”he assured according to his information.

“This comes after they found out that the interpreter calls Clara a dead mosquito, they are fed up with this situation and that’s why they gave her those nicknames,” he added.

Clara Chia, Piqué and Shakira.


TikTok Elbarrioklk, YouTube Shakira

Some time ago it was learned that Clara Chía Martí always refers to Shakira as ‘Gerard’s ex’, and in an excessively mocking tone. Now, her attack seems to be more accurate and offensive.

Meanwhile, Clara has also been a trend in recent days after a photo circulating on networks.

This is a photo that went viral in which a woman appears, apparently Clara Chía, showing off her body on the beach.

The image generated great activity in the networks with comments about the body of Piqué’s girlfriend.

However, some time later it was learned that the photo, in which a woman similar to Clara’s physique appears, was not real. Shakira’s fan accounts showed that this image was false and it was a fake photo.


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