He has the name of a good person. It’s clearly not what it sounds like.” That is one of the hottest phrases of “Music Session #53″, where Shakira he pointed without filter against his ex-partner Gerard Piqué and his current girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

The 24-year-old was the center of criticism and tried to get away from the media, although without much success. But, apparently, the way the singer referred to her in her hit that she made of her with bizarre It makes a new sense, because they revealed the reprehensible nickname that she and her friends would have given the artist.
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more controversial

Undoubtedly, the break between the interpreter of “I congratulate you” and the former FC soccer player Barcelona, It was one of the most controversial in recent times: third parties in discord, deceit, jars of jam, hints on the networks and a witch on the balcony, were just some of the most spicy elements at the end of a romance that began back in the 2010.

For more than a decade they knew how to be a solid couple – at least outside doors – that combined the world of entertainment with that of sports.

Love multiplied with the arrival of their children, Sasha (11) and Milan (9). However, in June 2023, the story came to an end, triggering a major media scandal.

wood on the fire

Although Shakira abandoned the property she had in Barcelona and settled in Miami With children, problems do not stop appearing. Recently, it became known that Clara Chiathe third in contention in the relationship and Piqué’s current partner, had a new play.

She and her friends made the singer “the cross” and, weeks ago, in dialogue with Miter Live – the cycle that is broadcast from Monday to Friday through the radio’s Instagram – the Spanish journalist Roberto Antolín revealed the nickname that they put Shakira.

“Menopausal old hag. That is the name she receives, ”said the communicator. According to him, he warned, the second name was for the witch that the singer put on the balcony of her house in Barcelona and that she gave precisely to the house of her ex-in-laws. Likewise, he warned that Clara Chía was “receiving psychological treatment because she is overcoming it” the situation: “She is alien to the media world and she suddenly ‘boom’ has come to that. She doesn’t feel comfortable.” He even said that the couple went to eat at a Japanese restaurant and the owner kicked them out because he was a fan of Shakira.

Given the way in which Shakira referred to her in the song that entered the Guinness, Martí looked for a way to cut himself off, at least in the private sphere.

“Shakira and Piqué hadn’t had sex for a long time. Clara Chía uses this to defend herself with the environment of her friends, ”commented the Spanish journalist.

Another important fact is that the nickname in question would also be a revenge for the way in which Shakira knew how to refer to the young woman in private, since she already knew her since she worked with Piqué.

“He called her ‘the dead fly’; That’s what Shakira used to say to Clara Chía behind the scenes when she spoke to her partner, ”she said at the time.or Antolin.

Piqué is in the United States visiting his children, but has not spoken a word.

The Nation, Argentina
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