For several days, the beautiful and charismatic presenter Claudia Bahamon It has been in the news due to a health ailment that required urgent hospitalization. Due to speculation about his medical condition, Bahamon decided tell what she is sick with and at the same time give a part of peace of mind to her followers.

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In a story on her social network Instagram, the presenter of the reality show ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, from the RCN channel, said that she “is fine”, although she is still under observation after she had severe pain and pressure in her chest.

“I know that a lot of news has come out about my state of health and I prefer to be the one to tell the details”wrote the also model at the beginning of her message.

Bahamón, who has been hospitalized since last Thursday, July 13, told how her current health problems began. “In a therapy with the physiatrist, the doctor was giving me a pain block and by mistake he perforated the pleura and that causes the space between the pleura and the lung to fill with air…

When this happened, the lung basically collapsed. Accidents that can happen and unfortunately it happened to me. Now I’m dealing with it,” she revealed.

The pleura is the membrane that covers the lung.

The 44-year-old presenter shared with her nearly 4.8 million followers that she felt “too much pain, pressure on the chest and back”, in addition to “suffocation and drowning”, but that the situation is already being controlled.

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“Around here I do nothing but pray and thank life. I have also had a wonderful medical team that takes care of me and keeps the pain controlled and well, obviously my mother and all my family and close friends.

Since Thursday in these, but soon I will leave the clinic and I will be regal to continue enjoying life to the full,” he said.

At the end of his heartfelt message, Bahamon sent greetings to his followers. “Thank you all for your concern, for sending messages full of love and good wishes. I’m fine, I’ll be better, I love you forever.”

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