In an unexpected twist, the renowned presenter Claudia Bahamón was involved in one of the fights and conflicts that have emerged lately on the popular MasterChef Celebrity culinary show.

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Last Wednesday night, MasterChef Celebrity contestants faced a challenge in which they had the opportunity to cook with the participants with whom they have had a better relationship during the program, something that was expected to be an advantage for them.

In this episode, the participants had to face the challenge of creating three recipes using flour: alfajores, cupcakes and churros. This ingredient has been known to put several contestants in trouble in previous seasons, even receiving the dreaded black apron.

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However, the tense and competitive atmosphere of the culinary challenge appears to have caused emotions to run high, leading several contestants to verbal sparring and palpable tension. Claudia Bahamón, known for her impartiality and professionalism, could not avoid being involved in the conflict.

On this occasion, Martha Isabel Bolaños and Zulma Rey had immediate disagreements due to the consistency of the dough. “That’s not the attitude,” Bolaños reproached Rey, a phrase that triggered a small confrontation.

Nevertheless, Karoll Márquez intervened in the conflictbut this did not prevent Rey from shedding some tears, where she was a little affected.

Later, there was another intense altercation between them due to the preparation of the alfajores in the oven. “You respect me, Zulma, I didn’t do anything wrong, I just wanted to help,” Bolaños said emphatically in the middle of the discussion.

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Undoubtedly, the actress Martha Bolaños was going through a difficult moment, so much so that she even responded abruptly to Claudia Bahamón when the presenter called herletting out a dry “ahhhh?”, an answer that apparently was not to the liking of the presenter.

This unexpected reaction from Bolaños baffled Bahamonwho responded: “See, and is this?”, a moment that also caused a stir on social networks and quickly became a trend.

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