Some days ago, coconut silly (61) confirmed his courtship with Cecilia “Caramelito” Carrizo (49) and surprised everyone, since the existence of a link between them was unknown. This Thursday, during his visit to Controversy in the Bar (América TV), the comedian told how he was born his love story with the actress and former child animator, and revealed what his tactic was to win her over.

“When I saw her on the Karina Mazzocco show I thought she was very prepared and I told him one day that I was a guest ”, Coco Sily began by telling. Then she added: “Then the possibility arose, since I have a radio program and I also direct it, that I work there because I liked his tone to inform”.

“Then we chatted for half an hour about the program and then we stayed three hours talking in that bar, of life”, he detailed, arguing that he conquered it through dialogue. Finally, he confessed: “I was already dead there. It was so nice what happened to me and I wrote her a message if she wanted to have dinner and she said yes”.

Caramelito, about Coco Sily: “It’s very nice how he looks at me, how we laugh, how we dance”

“I didn’t expect anything about how it would happen, with whom or when. I didn’t go looking for anything, nor did I expect anything, but it happened,” he told her. candy to PEOPLE about the budding romance with Coco Sily, with whom he has been in a relationship for a month.

Caramelito and Coco Sily, as a couple
Caramelito and Coco Sily, as a couple.

“He always seemed to me a very interesting man and a special person, I even felt that behind what he showed there was something more valuable than what was seen. And, well, finally it is a bit what I began to confirm from when we started to know”, added the driver who does not hide her joy, after the comedian whitewashed the relationship.

On how the bond is, he revealed: “It is very nice how he looks at me, how he listens to me, how he is so present with me, how we laugh, dance… We talk a lot, we share a lot of things, about our children, about our jobs We are very aware of each other’s things and we like it”.

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