Fifa announced that it will guarantee for the first time to give economic prizes to the players who participate in the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand and each player who is proclaimed champion will receive 250,000 euros (1,130,048,093 Colombian pesos), and the team that wins gold, 4 million euros (18,080,769,488 pesos).

Millions for the Colombian women’s team in the World Cup

The coffee table prepares a friendly for June.



Just for having reached the group stage, as the Colombian players already did, each soccer player will receive more than 126 million Colombian pesos.and that figure is already double what most players earn on average per season, according to Fifa’s comparative evaluation reports.

However, the winners will multiply their salary almost twenty times in a matter of a month: 250,000 euros (1,130,048,093 Colombian pesos).

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Fifa will continue its commitment to women’s football and will invest 141 million euros in the tournament that will begin on July 20, thus tripling the figures for 2019.

Of that amount, 100 million will go to a fund based on the team’s performance, 11 million will go to the club benefits program and 30 million will be used for preparation.

In the event that the Colombian National Team is proclaimed world champion on August 20 in Sydney, the Colombian Football Federation will receive 18,080,769,488 Colombian pesos.

Just by being present in the group stage, the world federations secure 6,780,288,558 Colombian pesos.

This money will be added to the aforementioned payments per player, fixed remuneration, so the broadcasting rights will not be affected.

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The money for each stage passed

This will receive, in dollars, each Federation per phase passed.



This will receive, in dollars, each player per phase passed.



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