In July, the bridge from July 1 to 3 will be the only holiday weekend of the monthdespite the fact that next July 20 will be a day of rest for the celebration of the national holiday of Independence.

Many people decide to go on a trip in the different festive bridges that are celebrated in the country, but some enjoy these without knowing why they are considered holidays in Colombia or in the world.

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It should be remembered that Colombia is one of the countries where most holidays are celebrated. This is the festive number 12 of this 2023 and these are the reasons why you can rest a little more this weekend.

The day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is celebrated on July 3, despite the fact that the original date of commemoration for these two saints is June 29but so that Colombians can enjoy these days, thanks to the Emiliani Law, that allowed the holidays to be passed, for the most part, to the first day of the week, and that they were rest, was moved to Monday, July 3.

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This holiday is important for the Catholic religion, since these two holy apostles were the ones who helped spread the work of Jesus in the world.

It is for this reason that at this time many Colombians take the opportunity to travel to enjoy the festivities of San Pedro and San Juan in the departments of Huila and Tolima, places where the National Bambuco Reign and the Colombian Folk Festival are celebrated.

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