Several men and women were the company of many families who used to listen to the radioinstead of watching television to be able to let their imagination fly to the rhythm of a melodious voice.

Those Colombian announcers of yesteryear, delivered news, stories and experiences through the sound box. Some of them have already disappeared, but they left an indelible mark on the hearts of Colombians.

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Carlos Pinzon

This man was the one who founded some of the best-known events in Colombia, Teletón and the creator of the Colombian Association of Announcers. In the fifties it was who promoted rock n’ roll in the country and was always known for supporting social causes, which is why he was known as a ‘social announcer’. He passed away in 2020 at the age of 92.

Ivan Parra

Known in the media as ‘Parrita’ was always heard in bullfighting stories on Caracol Radio, as well as being the presenter of the news program ‘Arriba Bogotá on CityTV. His journalistic career lasted more than 35 years and he stood out for his bullfighting chronicles. for the magazine ‘Faena’.

He passed away at the age of 61, after a long fight against kidney disease, which he himself narrated for EL TIEMPO: “It is an expectation of all hours that leads to despair. Three years and the phone does not ring,” Parra said at the time, referring to the wait for a kidney donation.

Otto Greiffenstein

Jose Maria de Jesus Otto Greiffenstein Gaviria it was the full name of the well-known Otto Greiffenstein. Colombian announcer and presenter who was one of the pioneers in the locution in the country, being part of basic primary education programs for adults, made by Inravisión, according to the portal ‘Señal Memoria’.

He passed away in 1994 due to pancreatic cancer. In life, a tribute was paid to him by giving him the Julián Ospina award from the Colombian Association of Broadcasters.

Gabriel Munoz

This announcer was one of the pioneers on Caracol Radio, which according to the official website He was a sports announcer and host of programs such as ‘Así Canta Colombia’, with more than 50 years of history. RHe received an award in recognition of his journalistic work from the Major Division of Colombian soccer – Dimayor- in 2018. He passed away in 2019 at the age of 92.

Bernardo Hoyos Perez

He was a Colombian journalist and academic, connoisseur of culture, literature, music and cinema. He participated in various areas of written, radio and television journalism. Despite having graduated as a lawyer, he always stood out for his tone of voice as announcer for the BBC in London and various radio stations in Colombia.

He presented for several years, until his death in 2012, the program ‘Cine Arte’, of Caracol Televisión.

Bernardo Hoyos worked in other fields related to communications such as Public Relations.


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